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After the horrific stories and pictures from Houston, I let mild panic settle in and started buying some extra foods this week in anticipation of Irma and beyond. It's the Blizzard of 78 all over, as far as being prepared, but I won't stock up on perishables needing refrigeration or those with short shelf lives (i.e.bread/milk/eggs) . I've got an assortment of canned and dry goods "just in case" as well as bottled water in the event of power loss (no power=no well). I'll have 6 gallon contractor buckets for flushing, and these can be refilled at a local stream just down the road if needed. I also need to get pictures of possessions and assemble documents like titles and insurance papers. Well, maybe...

And today I finally re-upped our Sirius XM subscription as it included the premium station package and free device streaming along with the car radio options for around $31 for five months- I'll have to remember to cancel in February!

I bought a blue tooth transmitter for my truck so that I can now listen to songs off my phone and onto the radio there (my wife has the Sirius radio). It worked poorly the first two times I plugged it in, but today it sounded great.

Finally, "Let the Twitter Games Begin!" That's my mindset for how I'm dealing with the crap that appears in my timeline there. I can mute annoying people until I think maybe they have become less so, I can block ads, and I can stop retweets from over-zealous friends who love to share. But I cannot stop seeing 'likes' from friends: i.e. if someone likes, say, Asian Squirrel Pron, it ends up in my timeline. That's not the worst of it, though: it's the damned political garbage that I have to put up with. So I'm experimenting with muting keywords, which eliminates posts wherein the word(s) appear. So far I have muted a huge array of keywords, from antifa to nazis, both parties and the potus himself, and it is helping make Twitter fun again...

Twitter used to get bashed as being a place to see who was watching what show or what a person had for breakfast. Now it is a political quagmire :o(

Enough... well almost-

I just finished watching all three seasons of Brickleberry (wow, talk about boredom). Yeah, I like a lot of the blatant non-pc or sexual humor, but not all of the show, and mostly I just watch it for Malloy commentary :o)

This pretty much sums up my feelings about political rants on Twitter
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Our local college radio station, FM 95.5 WBRU, went on the block and has been quietly sold, according to WPRI news . WBRU has been around as long as I've been listening to FM, and has been on every pre-set in all my cars/trucks (those with FM radios at least). I've listened to all styles and genres of music there, generally underground or younger-generation based, and they've kept me in touch with the more favorable trends.  Currently they are considered Alt-Rock.

Here is the first song I actually remember hearing on WBRU, back in 1968, on my first FM radio. My oldest brother, a Marine, was fighting in Vietnam at that time.


I really hope this is just a college hoax :o(
So many memories over 50 years!

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I saw this furry mascot on the back of a truck yesterday while driving in West Warwick.

These pictures are from the FaceBook site of this company, and the mascot just screams (early) Chuck Jones!

edit: Right studio, at least... Digeri Dingo:  "Digeri appears to be patterned (in both appearance and personality) after Looney Tunes character Charlie Dog " per a fan wiki. I found the pic used by the company via, here.

Kinda cute in that toony way :D

(DW is having LJ type problems with connections this morning)

[aside: The Library bought a Rocktech PT-390 bluetooth wireless speaker and it works so well with my phone! (now) Listening to Why Can't I Be You]
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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 last night and it was lots of fun: Great action, great jokes, but a could-be-a-bit-better story line. Rocket was my favorite character, of course, with Baby Groot coming in a close second.

Spoiler scenes beneath the cut- no, not adjustments this time.
gotta love that sense of humor )
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I got to see our 'partial' eclipse today, through hazy clouds, and it was a nice distraction :o)

Near the end of July we received 1000 pair of eclipse glasses to hand out to the public at the Library, and by August 15th these were all gone. We had a literal run on them after the news spread that many online sites were selling counterfeit pairs. Even today we had over fifty calls in the morning from folks still looking for where they could get these.

I got mine back in July, for myself and my family. I never expected we would run out so quickly as we were not the only library in the State giving them away.

*snicker* we had a propane delivery today here at home, during the event, and the driver complained that all he had seen of "the eclipse" was dark clouds looking like rain- I lent him my glasses and he was surprised to see the crescent sun so clearly through the haze.

I tried to get a couple of pics through the lenses of these shades but they were a waste of time. My only good eclipse shot is under the cut-

Great Eclipse )


Aug. 12th, 2017 07:48 pm
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During scanning I noticed a hawk in a tree outside my window, and it was scanning for critters in the backyard. It was right above where I've seen baby bunnies, and above the rose bush that a hawk got all tangled up in last August. Later, after dinner, I saw the hawk out front, on the recycle barrel. I went out to empty trash and it just watched me, unconcerned. I wonder if it was the one I saved and decided not to euthanize!

Absolutely not intimidated, this bird just perched on the bin and looked around the yard for about five minutes. It only moved when I left the steps to dump trash.

I have to say I liked how this came out, too. The camera was not set to my usual 'auto' type setting, so I reset after this shot, but this was the clearest of the six I took. It's been a great nature day here, starting with deer out back at 5:30 a.m. and deer with fawns out front afterwards.

And loosely regarding that last image post...

That was not the junk he was looking for!
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I bought a new scanner this week because I wanted to digitize my forgotten media: 35mm slides. Most of mine go back to the mid-70s, but I have access to many that are older still.

You've been warned!

Two for fun- vehicles belonging to my brothers, at the time parked up the hill by the woods near our barn.

A 1935(?) Ford three window coupe, and a 1940 four-door, taken in 1978.

A 1937 Chevy pickup, photo from May, 1975.

These were eventually sold off. I still have a chrome headlight ring and the headlight lenses from the Chevy.
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I remember watching an eclipse out in front of my house when I was young. My dad had given us blackened photographic glass plates to view through (not recommended now) and I recall the eerie feeling as the sky darkened while the moon swallowed the sun! The whole neighborhood was out for this as it was quite the event.

On a whim I searched online for information about that eclipse, figuring it was probably 1963 based on my memories of my surroundings, and I found it readily enough! I really love the internet for these things (like that tornado I searched out).

-click the picture to enlarge-

The page I found this on even has a neat animation of what happened that day. The eclipse was 93% at it's maximum magnitude, though people were calling it total anyway.

And it is quite possible that it was overcast that day, and that what I really saw was the grey sky grow darker... a weather history search says there was rain and fog at some point. This would fit neatly into the pattern of my finding my views of celestial events somewhat obscured all my life!

To all of you going to watch the 2017 eclipse, may the skies be clear for you!

I can still say "meh, done that..."

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Buddy Thunderstruck, on Netflix, is a cute, furry, kid-friendly, stop-action animation cartoon, but unfortunately (for me) remains entrenched in its pre-teen viewing category: very kid safe and without the adult innuendoes that even Looney Tunes might drop in. It is so Robot Chicken in appearance that I expected raunchy, er, adult humor when I started trying to watch it, but no, it is just a fun kids' show, for kids.

I like Buddy's friend Darnell, the albino ferret, and of course this guy


And if you have some bleach in a spray bottle to cleanse your eyes afterwards, a google image search shows that there are a lot of furs with their own ideas of how the characters should ship, look, and interact...
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Something sent to me from my youngest-

I returned the favor by sending the video of Wolf and Sheep, posted by sabotlours :o)

I've been feeling quite feral today, primal even. I finally got some new headphones to replace my old crumbling ones. I noticed right off how much more pronounced the bass is with these and so went on a quest for some music with deep, rolling percussion (the kind that goes right through you and you can feel down below!). I listened to Glass Animals' "Life Itself," Paul Simon's "Obvious Child," and Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk," The Cure, Echo And The Bunnymen, and some Blues Travelers, among others. Naturally this has got my damned tinnitus screaming to be heard above the melodies... but I do love the music.

[I really need to get my hearing checked. I was told in the eighties that I was missing different ranges in both ears, but to me this compensated for itself unless I actually covered one ear. Like, I can hear crickets only on side :D I discovered that when I turned over in bed one night and wondered why it got so silent outside. Since then I have developed obnoxious whistling/ringing in my head, mostly on the left side. I miss words in conversations and find myself asking people to please repeat themselves. *sigh* I'll add this to my list of "what I need to do about my health" this year.]

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"...but please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat briar-patch!"

I was out back yesterday with The Huntress when I realized she was quite interested in a patch of briars near the fence. She's sniffed around in here before, or near here as it is all thorns and vines, but she was truly on the scent of something today. She did her little 'pointer' thing when not just playing snuffing-beagle, and I finally saw what she didn't: a baby bunny among the foliage. Wish I had the camera with me, but alas. I coaxed her away and she reluctantly moved on to another thicket where the rabbits have been known to hide.

Pictures, all safe )

I knew there had been wee ones among the ground cover because it has been harder and harder to get the dog to come away from these hidey places. I even saw the poison ivy and low strawberry plants moving in line as one critter ran off from the pup (she missed that, too). I just hope these fellows get the hell out of the yard or at least into secure places before they become play toys!
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I love Amazon Prime and purchase lots of stuff online using it, however, Amazon Prime Day is as useless as Black Friday to me when it comes to anything I might be interested in.

Poking around for plush critters I came across this little gem in 'Prime Deals.'

Beyond the ten cent savings, pay special attention to the delivery information ;o)

deer snaps

Jul. 8th, 2017 07:04 am
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Where rabbits roam

the deer also call home!

The rabbit pic was from last night. Another rabbit appeared with her at dusk: full moon, eh?

The deer was a lucky capture. The dog was growling softly and I looked outside to see two bucks in the yard. I sat on the couch with The Huntress and soothed her while the bucks grazed their way across the front yard, and she never set up barking at them. About 20 minutes later the two came back into the yard and I was able to grab the camera: I was ticked that the pics looked blurry in the viewfinder and realized after the deer left that I had my 'distance' glasses on instead of my progressive lens ones. I was lucky the shots came out at all! A couple more are here on my google photos, including this one:

Damn you, auto-focus! :D
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This is more a bookmark than a post. I've been I intrigued with the Three Hares motif since first seeing it many years ago, and today I stumbled upon a lovely posting by someone else-

I've used this motif as an icon, and even painted a large-scale mock up for a stained glass version that never came to be.

From my Flickr account, 2013.

Rock Dog

Jun. 28th, 2017 05:54 am
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Got Rock Dog through the Library yesterday: I vaguely remember this movie mentioned who-knows-where but had forgotten it until seeing another patron received one via ILL. Regardless of the usual critical, whiny reviews, this was a fun little flick! You can get the background from the iMDb link though it will contain spoilers. I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about  beforehand other than it had a furry cast. Bodi (the rock dog) was fantastic on so many levels, and I would have liked to have seen them develop Dharma's (vixen) character.

I recognized only one critter's voice from the movie, that of Fleetwood Yak, and waited until I finished with it before checking it out (be sure to watch the 'behind the mic' special feature).

Have a most misleading trailer! It contains the signature song of the movie (crank it up!) and the usual composite of disjointed scenes (like all music videos).

And apparently this is loosely, very loosely, based on a book. Did I say loosely? I only say that because of the book review's synopsis. Neither the Library, nor Amazon, have this item.
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My friend returned early out front today, and much to The Huntress' indignation, several times. She's an Eastern Cottontail judging by the characteristic white forehead dot.

When one lets the lawn go all manner of pests appear ;o)

A couple of more pics can be found in my google photos, here. These were taken with the Fujifilm bridge camera and not the phone, so they are a bit bigger and nicer. I'm very happy with the colors, too. The last time I used the camera from within the house to shoot photos outdoors the greens shifted to an insipid yellowy hue.

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I'm aware of the concept of "Race Suicide" but don't ever recall the term used. There's a typically long-winded appeal from 1905, by Teddy Roosevelt, here, or you can cut to the chase and read the quick synopsis, here ;o) Or you can research this on your own and spend an afternoon musing over the political turmoils of the early 1900's.

My inquiry into this topic began with a trivia line in a post by Austin_Dern, more because of my curiosity concerning his mention of the Teddy Bear Moral Panic (at the end of his post, here on LJ) than any actual researching of the movement. What did the author of his referenced article mean by teddy bears replacing the affections of little girls to actual dolls The inference was that the girls would lose their mothering instincs if given 'beasts' to coddle instead of 'babies.'  I mean, who would ever think that? My only take is that because Teddy Roosevelt was a proponent of this Motherhood over Race Suicide ideal that his critics were using his iconic bear against him.

Like in this cartoon from one of the links-

A world gone mad.

Finally, beneath the cut, an actual Teddy uprising that I've posted before :D
uprising )
(edited to clear things up a bit)
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When I was a kid...
Pics and text: safe )

Tiger Sale

Jun. 4th, 2017 09:19 pm
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Normally $60, Wild Republic's Cuddlekins 30" Tiger is currently $22.30 on Amazon. These won't stay at this price for long (this is the cheapest I've seen them since December when I posted them in my plush journal (and had no responses).

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My son sent me this pic of a condo advertisement from downtown today. The condos are actually in a town south of here.

I wonder what they were thinking when they chose this image and slogan? Certainly not yiffing... but then, who would ever think that ;o)

I ran a google search of the image to see if the artwork showed up anywhere else and got stupid results


but at least the artwork didn't show up 'stolen' per se (I assume they paid someone for this and that person didn't take the work from another without permission).

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