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May. 14th, 2017 09:18 pm
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Seems I screwed up my taxes, and my youngest's, by claiming him as a dependent when I should not have. I will have to pay more but he'll get a little back from this. PitA! I have two 1040X submittals and two RI1040X's on top of these.

Damn tax program let me down by not querying me on his student status: I think it should have done so based on age/income variables. I caught this before the IRS, but I only checked because the State flagged my forms: the State did not notify me, they put a cryptic note on their "Where's my refund?" web check page... I hate these people.

So, one 1040X ready for final entries and then I'll figure out how soon to mail each follow-on! Instructions are clear as mud. And no efile allowed- must paper mail with check in my instance.


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Date: 2017-05-15 09:57 am (UTC)
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I paper file for this very reason. The one time I relied on a computer program (state's eFile site, no less), my taxes got screwed-up. Fortunately, only the state one get messed-up. Program insisted a different, higher amount due back to me than my paper calculations. Turns out my calculations were correct.

In my case, I got a "gotcha" letter notifying me I was getting less back because "I did my taxes wrong," but they fixed it. No, your firetrucking online program was wrong. So, no, never again. You can deal with my paper file from here on out.

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Date: 2017-05-15 05:18 pm (UTC)
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I remember when I first started filing taxes when I was in high school. I wasn't making much money. I had taken accounting classes and gotten A's in them and figured I could handle simple tax forms. I ended up owing the State of Arizona $1.50.

It was such a ridiculous small amount, and there was no provision for carrying it forward. However, there was a provision that if you owed the state money, that you could spit the payment in to two payments. So I did. I sent them two checks for $0.75. It cost them more money to process the checks than what the checks were worth.

I consider it a small moral victory.

But not long after that something changed and I lost the ability to do taxes by myself and had a preparer do them afterwards. But this year we paid $250 to get $1000 back, and that was with not being able to itemize or having anything terribly remarkable in our returns, so I think we'll be going software next year.

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