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When I was a kid...

A lot of my exposure to Great Writings came from Classics Illustrated comic books. Now the library carries the next best thing for young readers: Graphic Novels.

Instead of this-

One can now get this furry variation-

The author/illustrator combination also did another Shakespearean standard-

Isn't Juliet exquisite?

These books are nowhere near 'accurate' in regards to retelling the plays, but they are a lot of fun to read. I like Lendler's witty writing and Giallongo's playful illustrations... well, I call them playful-

Classic comedy

Even bunnies!

We get a lot of other children's graphic novels in various styles and formats. I lean toward the furry ones ;o)

Well, except this one-

Granted it is aimed towards 8-12 year olds, so I cannot knock it other than to say this old guy finds it an appalling, frightening travesty :D

Check out your local Library for these and other fun, similar books!

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Date: 2017-06-08 04:50 pm (UTC)
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Today one of my ebook deals was for an alt Macbeth that re-writes Lady Macbeth. I re-read Othello a couple of years ago in prep for reading a book called Iago that revisited the play from his perspective, it was quite interesting and much more fully fleshed-out than the play could possibly be.

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