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The Food and Drug Administration wing:

It's fairly recent but I never saw this one before. My wolf fursona son, the smoker, had seen it: no  impact there :o( I love the whole city with its pig inhabitants that they invented for the ad.

Myself I had my first cigarette when I was 4 or 5. Stupid kid, I asked my mom for matches because my bother had raided a house ashtray and we ran out in our experimentation. We would smoke off and on for years. I remember I liked Parliaments with those recessed tips when I was around 9 or 10.

My favorite brand was Winston. I tried them all, but it was the red and white box that got me in the end. Can I blame Hanna-Barbera for this?

I used to watch this show a lot, even in New York (so that was when the show first came out).

I stopped smoking in 1984.

One for the road...

This song
This guy
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 Well, no, not really... I have a new browser app (AdBlockWeb) that eliminates advertising, but double posts my replies, and probably entries. I try to catch these duplicates and eliminate them, but I found one this morning that 'got away.' 

This browser is strictly for journals/forums: I can imagine my financial woes if I used it for shopping or paying bills! But then, I'd have twice the plush arriving ;o)
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Bonny bunnies (it says rabbits, they look like hares), stupid ad....

double-click to go to original site.
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Observations by a Philistine-

A couple arrived at the library this week sporting a little black bag of books to donate to our sale cart.  I thanked them and placed the bag behind the circ desk until I could look over what might be added to the collection, what might be put on the cart, and what might be tossed due to condition. The bag these items arrived in intrigued me; it was obviously from a store which catered to the well-heeled, or the wishing-to-appear-well-heeled: jet black, pretentious in its understated simplicity, and bearing the name "Barneys New York."

I wondered about a store which sent its customers home with their purchases wrapped in pretentious little black bags and hopped on the net to check them out. The only Barneys I'm familiar with are bumbling deputies of hick towns, purple fur-suited ones professing peace and love, or half-pint side-kicks to loud mouthed neanderthals. Thinking of it, our neighbor named not only their first dog Barney, but also their first horse. And in 'Rhode Islandese' the store is Bah-nees of Nu Yawk.  Hmmm, all of these are great recommendations for naming an obviously upscale, er, experience, Barney.

At first glance I thought I had somehow clicked the wrong google link and ended up at a fan site for The Corpse Bride. The bulimic ladies with David Bowie eyes kinda spooked me, but I proceeded bravely nonetheless. I'll cut this short and just say what a treasure this site was! $400 slippers and $800 sneakers! Ah, and a $1200 pair of work boots, perfect for mucking out stalls.  Perhaps I'll have to shop here online sometime... I have a new admiration for anyone carrying Barney bags, and will secretly  wonder if they really did shop there when bored and in New York.

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