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I'm aware of the concept of "Race Suicide" but don't ever recall the term used. There's a typically long-winded appeal from 1905, by Teddy Roosevelt, here, or you can cut to the chase and read the quick synopsis, here ;o) Or you can research this on your own and spend an afternoon musing over the political turmoils of the early 1900's.

My inquiry into this topic began with a trivia line in a post by Austin_Dern, more because of my curiosity concerning his mention of the Teddy Bear Moral Panic (at the end of his post, here on LJ) than any actual researching of the movement. What did the author of his referenced article mean by teddy bears replacing the affections of little girls to actual dolls The inference was that the girls would lose their mothering instincs if given 'beasts' to coddle instead of 'babies.'  I mean, who would ever think that? My only take is that because Teddy Roosevelt was a proponent of this Motherhood over Race Suicide ideal that his critics were using his iconic bear against him.

Like in this cartoon from one of the links-

A world gone mad.

Finally, beneath the cut, an actual Teddy uprising that I've posted before :D
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(edited to clear things up a bit)

Big Hugs!

Feb. 28th, 2017 07:44 pm
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Bear hugs, that is :o)

This book by Nicholas Oldland came through the Library the other day, so I had to bring it home!

It's a cute story, and I love the illustration style

What's not to like about a hugging bear holding a flower?

And this

Lucky rabbit!

Of course Amazon has better pictures with their Look Inside feature.
(all of my pictures expand with a click)
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It's been a busy week and I've only barely had time to read journals, much less post replies.

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My first plush received as an adult came from a girlfriend, and was given as a travel companion for a trip I had been planning for a couple of months.  In November, 1981, I was getting ready to go cross-country to see the USA and to visit a friend in California. I had sold my Camaro and bought an E-150 cargo van and had converted it for travel. Short story is that a motorcycle accident ended my plans. I kept the van anyway, and my furry little panda buddy.

About four months later I ended up living with said girlfriend and her dog. We had good times together, and I remember buying her plush critters as gifts on more than one occasion. One day she offered me coffee in a mug adorned with bunnies. It was cute, and I paid only partial attention to the design. On closer inspection, though, I realized what the rabbits were doing (picture below the cut)

The following year I bought a home using money collected from the bike mishap as my down payment (the house was around 32K). My girlfriend moved in with me and we picked up another dog to keep her first one company. It was a nice time, and though I wouldn't call her a furry, she had given me that panda and kept coffee mugs with erotic rabbit designs...

*sigh*  I should have married that girl...

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Found this little bear figure at Sal's today. Walked around him several times before deciding he needed a home with me :o)

Side view under the cut )

Yesterday it was the rabbit hunt! And so ends the holiday weekend.

Great Spirits
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This is not a Star Wars reference!

Along with the cups and books I've shown from my find the other night at work was a dog-eared, binding-broken copy of an old elementary school reader. I love these books primarily for their style of illustrations, and have a small handful here that I've picked up over the years.

Long Long Ago, by Marjorie Pratt and Mary Meighen, illustrated by Carol Crithfield, was published by Benj. H. Sanborn and Company and copyrighted 1939. The end plate carries a school stamp from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is numbered '17' and is dated January 2, 1940. That said, pictures follow. The pictures here are linked to larger pictures still.

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All in all that was a great night.

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Any thoughts on what the caption under this picture relates to? If it's a political issue it certainly escapes me. The drawing is by Henry Harmony and I found it pressed in a book from my grandparents' things. The back of the sheet has parts of an article on the Kaiser, and part of an article on Russian debt in a statement from Alexis Rykoff. Right-click the image and 'view' to see a larger copy.

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I've only worn fursuits twice, both times as Smokey Bear, and both times for pre-school events. The first time I was asked by my middle chidren's teacher if I could don the suit because the DEM's 'Smokey' couldn't make it that day. The second time, seven years on, was at work, and I quickly volunteered when I was told that someone had to wear 'the suit.'

This is a bad scan of a bad photo back around 1994. I was using a cast off 'DFI HS-3000 Plus Handy Scanner,' which scanned only in black-and-white, bitmap format. This is a well traveled pic.

The color pics are from 2001, and that little child is my youngest. I was told I couldn't make any sounds during the introductions or presentation, but I was growling at him softly when the pic was taken ;o)

note: I have the Gene Autry song in wma format on my pc, but there is one on the web in mp3 if you're interested in hearing it, at the Weiser Forest Fire Wardens website.


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