Aug. 12th, 2017 07:48 pm
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During scanning I noticed a hawk in a tree outside my window, and it was scanning for critters in the backyard. It was right above where I've seen baby bunnies, and above the rose bush that a hawk got all tangled up in last August. Later, after dinner, I saw the hawk out front, on the recycle barrel. I went out to empty trash and it just watched me, unconcerned. I wonder if it was the one I saved and decided not to euthanize!

Absolutely not intimidated, this bird just perched on the bin and looked around the yard for about five minutes. It only moved when I left the steps to dump trash.

I have to say I liked how this came out, too. The camera was not set to my usual 'auto' type setting, so I reset after this shot, but this was the clearest of the six I took. It's been a great nature day here, starting with deer out back at 5:30 a.m. and deer with fawns out front afterwards.

And loosely regarding that last image post...

That was not the junk he was looking for!

Pole Topper

May. 8th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Had a turkey vulture in the yard today, sitting atop our phone pole out front. A family in my State was forced to leave their home due to an infestation of these foul-smelling carrion birds. Needless to say, I made sure I spooked it after taking its photo.

Click the pic to see a full format version. It's watching me!

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