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When I was a kid...
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Big Hugs!

Feb. 28th, 2017 07:44 pm
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Bear hugs, that is :o)

This book by Nicholas Oldland came through the Library the other day, so I had to bring it home!

It's a cute story, and I love the illustration style

What's not to like about a hugging bear holding a flower?

And this

Lucky rabbit!

Of course Amazon has better pictures with their Look Inside feature.
(all of my pictures expand with a click)
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Franz Marc has got to be one of my favorite furry artists, and I was delighted to find out tonight that he's the subject of a new book by Eric Carle. The book is due out October 4th, and I'll have my copy from Amazon  the same day :o) (bunny hugs to[ profile] lapinetimes, xposted from DW)

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This is not a Star Wars reference!

Along with the cups and books I've shown from my find the other night at work was a dog-eared, binding-broken copy of an old elementary school reader. I love these books primarily for their style of illustrations, and have a small handful here that I've picked up over the years.

Long Long Ago, by Marjorie Pratt and Mary Meighen, illustrated by Carol Crithfield, was published by Benj. H. Sanborn and Company and copyrighted 1939. The end plate carries a school stamp from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is numbered '17' and is dated January 2, 1940. That said, pictures follow. The pictures here are linked to larger pictures still.

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All in all that was a great night.

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Found a 'snuggle book' in the book sale donations today. The covers are covered in soft plush material and one of the pics has a fluffy tummy to stroke. Not a great book, but kinda cute nonetheless.  As soft as plush-covered cardboard can be ;o)

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This book came across the desk at work, yesterday: Tom Rabbit, by Martin Waddell and illustrated by my favorite bear illustrator, Barbara Firth. As I'm a 'Tom,' the title (and picture) leapt out at me.  I didn't see this listed when looking for Firth's bear stories, so it surprised me when it hopped up on the counter. It's another 'lost and found' story of a plush bunny left alone among the wild rabbits. The illustrations are lovely, soft watercolors and graphite.

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pictures shown are from

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I posted earlier on [ profile] animal_bears  about a sweet bear book that Alison Edgson illustrated. After reviewing her blog I found this lovely rabbit pic! It has a familiar quality, but I can't quite place it!

Beautifully done! I've tried to sign onto her blog using my openID but it didn't take. She hasn't updated since last fall, though, so maybe it's no longer in use.

Cross-posted to [ profile] lagomorphic 

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I finished reading Frost Dancers, A Story of Hares, by Garry Kilworth, Tuesday night. What a wonderful story, being a tale of hares :o)  Thanks so much to [ profile] avon_deer  , again, for suggesting this book!  Our library system doesn't have a copy so I ordered mine from Amazon. How appropriate that it arrived from the UK as that is the setting for the tale.

The story revolves around a hare named Skelter and his adventures.  Without spoiling the story I can say that the author's intimate knowledge of his locations and characters, the flora, fauna, and even geology of the land, provide the reader with in-depth, colorful images of panoramic landscapes populated with a wide array of wonderful creatures, predators and prey, in imaginative settings, conflicts, and situations... uhmm, well, yes, the book was grand!

possible spoiler )

Not much to go on, I know, but it's the best I can do. The fox is barking out in the woods and the dogs keep racing through the house, wanting to get out to investigate their cousin's calling. It's gotten late and I've got to get up early.

(they may look rather serious, but the boys liked it, too)

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Beautiful weather today, highs in the upper 50's. Not as warm as yesterday but comfy nonetheless. Got to get outside with the dogs and play quite a few times, though I admit to spending a lot of the day sitting by the open front windows, reading.

My book I had ordered, Frost Dancers: A Story of Hares, by Garry Kilworth, arrived yesterday in the mail, and this morning I took it to work with me and gave it a nice poly-film jacket for its dust cover. I read 150 pages today, and will post more when done, particularly a 'thank you' to [ profile] avon_deer . It's kept me offline, which is a good thing, and I'm going to feel quite empty when through reading it...

I bought a 500gb portable hard drive for work and partitioned it as one FAT32 and two NTFS drives last night at home. I brought it in today and, after doing that maintenance thing I do on Sundays, transferred some pc ghosts into the FAT32 portion. Had I not ran out of time I would have made the main drive bootable as well along with a bunch of other stuff that needs attention. Out of time? I went in for 6:00 a.m. so I could be home for my son's return to UNH this morning.

And now I'm out of time once more.

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Reward stickers for children, to promote reading, from a company called Upstart®. It's products like these that endear juvenile books to my inner bunny child.  :o)

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