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Before FiOS VOD got all HD with their 'free' shows I could watch fun stuff on Adult Swim like Mr. Pickles, Mike Tyson, and Rick and Morty. Well those days are gone because I hate the thought of spending even more money on cable for a high def box just to watch my 'free' programs. To clarify, the best free programs were commercial-free or able to be fast-forwarded through the chaff.

Tonight I happened upon Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 1 on YouTube (you know, that wonderful how-to-fix-your-engine site). I was actually watching Cyanide and Happiness compilations when this appeared in suggestions. Even though I missed all but one of Season 2 this was a great episode. And it explained something I had been seeing lately and wondering what the hub-bub was all about

Memes involving this have been popping up all over iFunny.

Here's the responsible episode on YouTube if you haven't caught it yet-

And here's an article discussing the sauce.

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"Look at me *narf*.... I'm a cee-ment deer!"

Animaniacs has returned to TV, on HUB of all places: this is from "Jockey for Position," the episode where Pinky falls in love with Pharfignewton <3

It took me forever to find the episode on YouTube, but my search was all wrong- I was looking for Pinky and the Brain instead of concentrating on Animaniacs. One site listed this as Season 1, episode 117, but the episode turned up as  #27.

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I was looking at Disney Animation for songs and information on the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie (2011) and stumbled across the trailer for another movie opening in a week or so: Tangled. I'd watch this one on DVD at least once, if for nothing more than to watch the character Maximus. Click his pic to see another horse trailer...

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Watched Disney's Pocahontas tonight. I hadn't seen this in ages, so it was quite a treat. I love the rendering of the backgrounds and the animals, especially cute little Meeko! I even noticed the bunnies this time, on the stump by Grandma Willow.

I missed my chance to buy a Meeko plush back in the 90's, when Toys R Us had zillions of them.

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I watched Once Upon A Forest last night; I don't think I've seen this movie in about ten years. This is where I picked up  'furlings' as a term for my children.

Abigail is drawn with many of the characteristics found in much of the mainstream furry art even to this day. I see this in her eyes and her facial lines mostly.

I still cry over Michelle's condition and her losses.

trivial note: IMDb used to be such a great resource, but now it's so annoying. I had to turn off javascript because the site was so invasive and buggy with all its animated ads. Even was running the same stupid ads and crashing Firefox.

...again, I expect much more out of my free services!

note 2: We watched a host of vhs this week including Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, and Oliver and Company. I managed to stay awake for most of them.

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Lab results confirm I have lyme, again. Doctor tells me that I've probably had this about a month or so, which neatly coincides with my feeling out-of-sorts for about... a month or so. Should have realized something was up sooner, seeing that I get up each day muttering about how lousy I feel. Yeah, I'm not a kit anymore, haven't been one for many a year, but I shouldn't feel like this. Anywho, onto Doxycycline for three weeks and then another blood check and a full physical in September.

I've avoided a full physical for over a year now, not wanting to get brow-beaten by the doctor for not having had my insides scoped, among other things. And when I hear that rubber glove 'snap' I just want to hop off and hide. TMI? Sorry, it's a bad habit acquired from my workmates. The ladies I work with try to out-do each other with stories of their ailments. The guys don't do that there; I'm the only guy in the building and know this for a fact. ;o)

Well, now it's time to head upstairs and put in a Scooby-Doo Pup video and melt in the 95 degree living room...

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A video I found on Michel Gagne's webpages. I love this man's artwork :o)
Check out his other animations here, including his work with Ratatouille.

This was made in 1986, when furry was starting to reawaken in my heart.  If you visit his site, be sure to check out Rex!

(could I possibly add any more links?)

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Sweet little skunk, bad puns, standard clichés, cute bunnies, adorable foxes, and even a Frankie suit!

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A while back I read a post by [ profile] henriekeg  praising Preston Blair, and subsequently I bought two Blair books on drawing and animation (and swear I'll go through them thoroughly some day!). Tuesday night my youngest son asked if I had any books on drawing human figures and I remembered these guides. They weren't what he wanted, but one sequence of a woman dancing stood out in my mind from both; One simply called it 'girl dancing,' the other called it 'strut.'

Where is this leading? Wednesday I happened to catch an MGM cartoon titled Swing Shift Cinderella, and within that short was the aforementioned sequence! Synchronicity?

The whole cartoon is here.
The cartoon starting with the 'Blair' dance number is below:

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One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite Easter movies!

"If I Could Only Get Back To Yesterday,"*  sung by Danny Kaye himself.

*I modified the video embedding to shrink the screen and to start, with the song, at the 8:00 minute mark. But of course it doesn't do that on the iPod because of that 'flash' thing. ;o) 


Mar. 27th, 2010 10:02 pm
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Watched Tim Burton's 9 tonight. I can only wonder how his neighbors reacted to him as a child...

[edit: trailer removed at YouTube]

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Watched Miyazaki's Ponyo tonight, after dinner. We celebrated my middle child's 21st birthday today, and this was one of his gifts.

I really enjoy these films from Ghibli. Aside from the actual story and main characters you are always treated to wonderful backgrounds and a solid sense of daily life in whatever setting and era created. The first of their films I viewed was My Neighbor Totoro, and it remains my favorite.

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