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Jul. 8th, 2017 07:04 am
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Where rabbits roam

the deer also call home!

The rabbit pic was from last night. Another rabbit appeared with her at dusk: full moon, eh?

The deer was a lucky capture. The dog was growling softly and I looked outside to see two bucks in the yard. I sat on the couch with The Huntress and soothed her while the bucks grazed their way across the front yard, and she never set up barking at them. About 20 minutes later the two came back into the yard and I was able to grab the camera: I was ticked that the pics looked blurry in the viewfinder and realized after the deer left that I had my 'distance' glasses on instead of my progressive lens ones. I was lucky the shots came out at all! A couple more are here on my google photos, including this one:

Damn you, auto-focus! :D
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Deer! The Huntress spooked them away from outside the back corner of her yard only to have them reappear an hour later over by the old truck.

tippity-hoof, tippity-hoof

Ooooh, for me?

There were two that munched the apples I'd thrown for the rabbit, and more pictures can be seen here on my google site:

The pics aren't great (lighting, focus), but I view these as the equivalent of Polaroids or Instamatic pics anyway. And the deer were constantly moving about: such inconsideration! The smallest one would zoom through the yard, jumping fallen trees and ducking low branches, all-out having fun, while the adults grouped together cautiously and watched all around constantly. In the end, the young'n was all out of breath and panting and just enjoying the thrill of living.
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Today we had a red fox trotting through the woods out back. It has been quite a while since we saw any foxes hereabouts. There were tracks outside the dog's fence the day before, and The Huntress was quite anxious both yesterday and today when out with me, sniffing the air and listening intently. The tracks led from one of the rabbit thickets to the other's. And funny that this critter appeared so close to the raccoon's arrival as both species are rabies vectors and have had their populations decimated in recent years. This fox looked quite well, fortunately.

And deer! Too bad the camera malfunctioned yesterday as they were gallivanting and gamboling about in the wild winds and cold temps right out next to the driveway. Today I got a shot or two when they crossed the back yard, but these pictures were not so good as the deer were on the move and many trees separated us.

Best I could do. The other shot that came out was basically a butt/flank ;o)

We are due for a large storm Tuesday, so I made sure the snowblower had fuel and the cables were adjusted. Our storm Friday left only a few inches of snow but I used the blower anyway just because it had been almost a month since the last storm. I had gravel shooting 30' because although we had accumulation the driveway was still not frozen after all those 50 degree days.

The calm before the storm.

I had to shop today because tomorrow will be panic at the stores as folks remember they only have limited foods packed away for the 'event.' I also topped off the gasoline in the truck because it adds more weight for traction ;o) We now have our recommended 4+ gallons of milk, four loaves of assorted breads plus English muffins, two dozen eggs, lots of coffee (and Kahlúa, just in case). But this is normal for us anyway.

To hell with French toast!

And in a very loosely related note- Google photo picture search gives a kind of Sesame Street array of results here:

One of these things is not like the other... presented with no more comment :D

Who is Blur anyway? I was actually thinking of this song when I rhymed the subject ;o)


Jul. 29th, 2010 06:32 pm
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Startled a doe in the woods- she leapt from the brush and bounded up the path ahead of me. I looked to where she came out from and another doe was staring at me, ears at attention. Fifteen feet to her left was the fawn, dead still with that Bambi 'splayed' stance, also wary of me. I walked on, head down and eyes averted, until I was clear of them all (the other doe was waiting off the path as if trying to lead me away).

Sweet Face

Jul. 13th, 2010 07:42 pm
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Finally saw one of the fawns today! Click the picture for a photobucket slide show.

More deer

Jul. 12th, 2010 07:48 pm
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A little slide show on buggy old photobucket. Or click the linked pic.

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I took a couple of more deer pics using a different setting on the new camera. SP, or 'scene position,' automatically sets shutter speed and aperture based on pre-sets you choose. I chose 'Sport' for high-speed shooting, and the result today was a clearer shot overall... when shot properly.
Pictures/text under the cut )
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Due to an unexpected windfall this week I was able to purchase a new camera. I figured I'd whined enough about my poor quality pics and that it was time to use something a bit more respectable than my cell phone to take photos and movies. I bought a Fujifilm Finepix S1800, mainly for its zoomability and affordability, but also for it's SLR features that I miss so from my old Canon TL's. I didn't pay the $229 list price, btw: BJ's had it for $179, and another $20 went for an 8 GB SDHC memory card (I missed the $159 special they ran by two days).  *sigh* I wanted a Canon EOS type camera with interchangeable lenses, but I couldn't justify the $500+ for taking pics of errant deer and squirrels.

Here are a couple of my test pictures from this afternoon. When I go through my software options and do a bit of reading I might even upload an .avi or two :o)

pictures under the cut )

I'm ready to take in the sights!  So now of course the deer, squirrels, chippies, and other critters won't come around anymore ;o)

Predictable song....
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Couple of pics of animal skulls found in the woods behind the house. The woods were once fields, and are in later-stage successionRight click / view image to enlarge pics.

dem bones )

Lawn Deer

Jun. 8th, 2010 06:37 pm
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I saw three deer come through again at  my mom's. The first pic is of two similarly colored does, possibly siblings.

The deer on the left generally hangs around between our properties. I've spooked her out of her 'thicket' when walking through the woods. I've found three 'forms' between the properties, as well.


Enter a larger doe, possible the mother of these two. She's the one in the center with the darker, grey-toned fur (not really discernible in these 'through the pane and storm window with a cell phone' types of shots). When 'Mom' trotted onto the scene the medium deer on the right chased off the smallest deer, now seen in the upper left.

They have Coarse-14 and cracked corn for snacking.

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Some friends came through next door-

"I know he's there."

"Move! Move, he's stalking us!"

Stealth mode.

They actually hung around and let me point the cell phone at them again without bolting away. So nice to watch.

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Can you guess what manly object this logo adorns?

Answer and picture under the cut... )

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This little bloom was out at the end of our driveway this afternoon. I haven't seen a lot of these in the past few years and was surprised by its appearance. Lady slippers are a protected species here (or were), and according to at least one irate botanist are being decimated by the deer. That explains a lot considering how many deer pass through here (small herd, nightly, about 4-6 members). *chomp*

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