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A fraternity brother from two classes after mine died last week. I didn't visit him in hospice, or attend the viewing Sunday or funeral Monday. Truth be said, I hadn't seen this kid in nearly 40 years and even when he was in the house he and I did not chat it up too much.

Eddie was a great guy, though. He was always upbeat and had an infectious smile. Our paths rarely crossed other than meals or house events, particularly because I was two or three years older than he and we had different majors, and pledge classes tend to hang out among themselves. Regardless, I don't do funerals if I can avoid them now.

Heh, I saw a picture of the brothers from various classes who attended the send off, taken at a local restaurant. What a scary bunch of old men! I had to really rack my brains to figure out who some of them were, as again I had not seen most of these since graduation in 1978. Glad I don't look like that... ;o)

I need to write this all down because I want to remember last night- a dream I dreamt. Even now it is fading more and more. The colors were spot on, the scenery accurate...

I was at the Library, at the side entrance to the Circulation Desk, and I was approached by Eddie, but I could not rationalize what was happening because he was as I recalled him looking in college, young and smiling and easy going, but in the back of my mind I knew otherwise. I kept thinking this is someone else, but he spoke to me by name and all I could stammer was "Eddie?" and he smiled and said he had to be going now. He hugged me as he said this, still smiling, then shouldered a backpack, turned, and was gone.

A visitation? I do not feel guilt over not attending, but maybe he wanted to see me, or have me see him, one more time. Which is why I write this down so it doesn't just vanish like so many other dreams.
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I almost ran down a rabbit today on my way into work. I had been thinking about rabbit prints in the snow, seen in a dream last night, and deer beyond the fence, also seen in dreams, and Poof! A rabbit races across the road so close to me that if I hadn't braked hard he'd have been caught under my back wheels.

I've had a lot of dark dreams of late: seeing this lovely bunny (he was magnificent, a perfectly profiled fellow running across the road) was a "get your mind off such things" moment.
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Vivid dreams last night, possibly brought on by the storm or maybe by the disagreeable food that I ate.

In one dream I was watching the moon through the clouds, and the trees were reddened as if by sunset.  The sky went light and then a massive dark cloud came through and the rain came down in torrents. I was in the front room and it became light again outside, and when I went out the cloud had moved on like a live thing in the sky. Then the phone woke me.

I drifted back to sleep and found myself sitting in a room with people, talking about who-knows-what and I kept hearing a truck backing up (beep-beep-beepbeep-beep). I woke from that thinking that the truck may have been a phone call or text, remembered that I don't have that ringtone, and then realized I had been hearing the smoke alarm.

When the air in the house is really humid one of the smoke detectors gets a false signal. The detector is at the end of a closed hall and the air is pretty stifled there. All of the detectors are connected, and when one goes off the others begin beeping at intervals, hence my backing truck.

Scary that all of us slept through this, though. It didn't last long but I've woken up with less signals than I heard in my dream.

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