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My son sent me this pic of a condo advertisement from downtown today. The condos are actually in a town south of here.

I wonder what they were thinking when they chose this image and slogan? Certainly not yiffing... but then, who would ever think that ;o)

I ran a google search of the image to see if the artwork showed up anywhere else and got stupid results


but at least the artwork didn't show up 'stolen' per se (I assume they paid someone for this and that person didn't take the work from another without permission).

Yard Fox

May. 6th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Dogs went wild during my watching the MST3K 'Killer Shrew' episode, and I thought the rabbit had returned out front. It turned out to be the local fox, foraging for the chicken bones I sort of left out in the area the fox is known to forage in...

I ran for the camera, putting the dogs out in the fenced back yard on the way, and managed to get some recognizable images of the critter.

Click the pic to go to the set-

I love having these visitors. I only ever saw one fox when I was growing up here, and that was away in a field across from us when I was about fourteen.

Perfect Day (A must listen to song)

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