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I saw this furry mascot on the back of a truck yesterday while driving in West Warwick.

These pictures are from the FaceBook site of this company, and the mascot just screams (early) Chuck Jones!

edit: Right studio, at least... Digeri Dingo:  "Digeri appears to be patterned (in both appearance and personality) after Looney Tunes character Charlie Dog " per a fan wiki. I found the pic used by the company via, here.

Kinda cute in that toony way :D

(DW is having LJ type problems with connections this morning)

[aside: The Library bought a Rocktech PT-390 bluetooth wireless speaker and it works so well with my phone! (now) Listening to Why Can't I Be You]
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Buddy Thunderstruck, on Netflix, is a cute, furry, kid-friendly, stop-action animation cartoon, but unfortunately (for me) remains entrenched in its pre-teen viewing category: very kid safe and without the adult innuendoes that even Looney Tunes might drop in. It is so Robot Chicken in appearance that I expected raunchy, er, adult humor when I started trying to watch it, but no, it is just a fun kids' show, for kids.

I like Buddy's friend Darnell, the albino ferret, and of course this guy


And if you have some bleach in a spray bottle to cleanse your eyes afterwards, a google image search shows that there are a lot of furs with their own ideas of how the characters should ship, look, and interact...

Rock Dog

Jun. 28th, 2017 05:54 am
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Got Rock Dog through the Library yesterday: I vaguely remember this movie mentioned who-knows-where but had forgotten it until seeing another patron received one via ILL. Regardless of the usual critical, whiny reviews, this was a fun little flick! You can get the background from the iMDb link though it will contain spoilers. I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about  beforehand other than it had a furry cast. Bodi (the rock dog) was fantastic on so many levels, and I would have liked to have seen them develop Dharma's (vixen) character.

I recognized only one critter's voice from the movie, that of Fleetwood Yak, and waited until I finished with it before checking it out (be sure to watch the 'behind the mic' special feature).

Have a most misleading trailer! It contains the signature song of the movie (crank it up!) and the usual composite of disjointed scenes (like all music videos).

And apparently this is loosely, very loosely, based on a book. Did I say loosely? I only say that because of the book review's synopsis. Neither the Library, nor Amazon, have this item.
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When I was a kid...
Pics and text: safe )

Saw Sing

Apr. 8th, 2017 03:54 pm
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I have to admit this one took me by surprise! I figured it was a quick knock-off/ride-the-coatails of Zootopia's animal city characters' trials and tribulations but Sing was so very unique instead. No spoilers. The animation was incredible, the characters well developed, the music and timing superb, and the story was tearful sweet in so many spots (yeah, I did...). I really liked it and recommend giving it a go.

A favorite character-

Eddie- There's some internet scuttlebutt (heh-heh, butt...) about his relationship with Moon, and that in itself lends a bit of intrigue to this.

The IMDb keyword selection for this movie



Oct. 31st, 2010 08:57 am
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The first time I heard the howling at 3:30 a.m. I thought it might be a carload of late night revelers noisily coursing  home. When I heard it the next night I realized it was coyotes singing across the woods and fields. In two words: shivery and exciting.

This morning I heard them start up again, around 4:15 a.m., and it was chillingly delightful. One would start with a bark-bark-bark howl, and suddenly the air was adrift with assorted answering calls from random sources, and the joyful music of being alive and wild regardless of encroaching developments. It was over as quickly as it began; eerie silence followed with only the rustle of leaves in the early morning breeze.

The oddest part is that my dogs never reacted to this, not even to lift their heads and sniff the air. I felt I was the lone attestant to this magnificent celebration.

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This is not a Star Wars reference!

Along with the cups and books I've shown from my find the other night at work was a dog-eared, binding-broken copy of an old elementary school reader. I love these books primarily for their style of illustrations, and have a small handful here that I've picked up over the years.

Long Long Ago, by Marjorie Pratt and Mary Meighen, illustrated by Carol Crithfield, was published by Benj. H. Sanborn and Company and copyrighted 1939. The end plate carries a school stamp from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is numbered '17' and is dated January 2, 1940. That said, pictures follow. The pictures here are linked to larger pictures still.

Pictures under the cut )

All in all that was a great night.

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No no, not that... it's a trailer for a movie that just showed on the tv and will be released next month (around here). Check your local listings :o)

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I took a ride to Sals today so my son could look for 'stuff.' I love shopping here because I can usually find something fun for myself.

He went off to the computer junk and I started going through an old playpen of plush; These cast-aways were small to medium, and mostly generic in representation. I had to tell myself that they would be bought, eventually, and walked away without buying any. I even passed up on a Bedtime Bear because the one there was about 8" and in borderline condition.

From the plush I migrated over to the figurines. This is where I bought my ceramic bunny lamp and my little Otagiri Bunny Jar. No rabbits today but I did come across a wonderful partial set of Disney dalmatians. It's only Perdita and four of the pups, but I couldn't resist buying them. 

Here's another pic where I used the flash.

The figurines are ceramic and Perdita, standing at a little more than 4", is labeled Disney© Japan. The pups, each about 2" long, have a maker's mark "SG" hand cut on their bases. Only the fat little guy on his back, probably Rolly, has any damage (a small chip on his paw). All in all they cost me $2.66, with tax, so I think this was a reasonable purchase :o)

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I watched Once Upon A Forest last night; I don't think I've seen this movie in about ten years. This is where I picked up  'furlings' as a term for my children.

Abigail is drawn with many of the characteristics found in much of the mainstream furry art even to this day. I see this in her eyes and her facial lines mostly.

I still cry over Michelle's condition and her losses.

trivial note: IMDb used to be such a great resource, but now it's so annoying. I had to turn off javascript because the site was so invasive and buggy with all its animated ads. Even was running the same stupid ads and crashing Firefox.

...again, I expect much more out of my free services!

note 2: We watched a host of vhs this week including Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, and Oliver and Company. I managed to stay awake for most of them.

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A video I found on Michel Gagne's webpages. I love this man's artwork :o)
Check out his other animations here, including his work with Ratatouille.

This was made in 1986, when furry was starting to reawaken in my heart.  If you visit his site, be sure to check out Rex!

(could I possibly add any more links?)

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Sweet little skunk, bad puns, standard clichés, cute bunnies, adorable foxes, and even a Frankie suit!

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I finished reading Frost Dancers, A Story of Hares, by Garry Kilworth, Tuesday night. What a wonderful story, being a tale of hares :o)  Thanks so much to [ profile] avon_deer  , again, for suggesting this book!  Our library system doesn't have a copy so I ordered mine from Amazon. How appropriate that it arrived from the UK as that is the setting for the tale.

The story revolves around a hare named Skelter and his adventures.  Without spoiling the story I can say that the author's intimate knowledge of his locations and characters, the flora, fauna, and even geology of the land, provide the reader with in-depth, colorful images of panoramic landscapes populated with a wide array of wonderful creatures, predators and prey, in imaginative settings, conflicts, and situations... uhmm, well, yes, the book was grand!

possible spoiler )

Not much to go on, I know, but it's the best I can do. The fox is barking out in the woods and the dogs keep racing through the house, wanting to get out to investigate their cousin's calling. It's gotten late and I've got to get up early.

(they may look rather serious, but the boys liked it, too)

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I've only worn fursuits twice, both times as Smokey Bear, and both times for pre-school events. The first time I was asked by my middle chidren's teacher if I could don the suit because the DEM's 'Smokey' couldn't make it that day. The second time, seven years on, was at work, and I quickly volunteered when I was told that someone had to wear 'the suit.'

This is a bad scan of a bad photo back around 1994. I was using a cast off 'DFI HS-3000 Plus Handy Scanner,' which scanned only in black-and-white, bitmap format. This is a well traveled pic.

The color pics are from 2001, and that little child is my youngest. I was told I couldn't make any sounds during the introductions or presentation, but I was growling at him softly when the pic was taken ;o)

note: I have the Gene Autry song in wma format on my pc, but there is one on the web in mp3 if you're interested in hearing it, at the Weiser Forest Fire Wardens website.


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Reward stickers for children, to promote reading, from a company called Upstart®. It's products like these that endear juvenile books to my inner bunny child.  :o)

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