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The picture below is part of a vignette from a poem called The Hare and was found in the book Sunshine At Home, 1883, by the Review and Herald Publishing House. The book was my grandfathers and may have been given to him new when he was three years old. Searching the 'net I find this poem is also called The Little Hare and is sometimes attributed a Mrs. Hawkshaw. The complete poem and picture are below the cut.

right click and 'view' to see a larger version

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I finished reading Frost Dancers, A Story of Hares, by Garry Kilworth, Tuesday night. What a wonderful story, being a tale of hares :o)  Thanks so much to [ profile] avon_deer  , again, for suggesting this book!  Our library system doesn't have a copy so I ordered mine from Amazon. How appropriate that it arrived from the UK as that is the setting for the tale.

The story revolves around a hare named Skelter and his adventures.  Without spoiling the story I can say that the author's intimate knowledge of his locations and characters, the flora, fauna, and even geology of the land, provide the reader with in-depth, colorful images of panoramic landscapes populated with a wide array of wonderful creatures, predators and prey, in imaginative settings, conflicts, and situations... uhmm, well, yes, the book was grand!

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Not much to go on, I know, but it's the best I can do. The fox is barking out in the woods and the dogs keep racing through the house, wanting to get out to investigate their cousin's calling. It's gotten late and I've got to get up early.

(they may look rather serious, but the boys liked it, too)

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