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Yep-yep, it's back again this Sunday. As I did last year, I baked a cake for my wife (a 5X mom!).

These old pans are great! I cheated this year and used a boxed mix, but I did improvise and sub lemon juice for half the water.

Homemade buttercream frosting! I love my Wilton decorating kit though I only do the most basic piping.

This year my two youngest sons are taking mom to see the new Guardians' movie as a treat. I'll have to wait for the disc to see Rocket again.

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It's here, at last! Now we'll see how long it takes me to break it.

Thanks and a tip of the bunny ears to [personal profile] frith for bringing this to my attention.

A pic: No one at work even noticed the little wolfie I put on the board today so I finally had to explain Lupercalia. Not that it mattered...

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I went in to work today, Thanksgiving Day, to do a couple of personal things and to check on our computers. We get our MS updates Wednesday night, and for the past two Thursdays I've had computer failures following the process. I joked with my kids that we should find at least two dead pc's today as well, and sure enough, we did: another display error and another initialization file error. I first thought these failures were related to bad capacitors, but now I just don't know. I ghosted over the last two without changing out the boxes, and those didn't fail again.

I'd have ghosted over these machines and put them back on the domain except that it is a holiday and I am on vacation until Monday. I'm looking at an hour and a half, easily, to ghost, reset the names, tweak, and re-secure these two. My OPAC ghost has an error which I haven't fixed yet, so that would take extra tweaking (seems I used an answer file in sysprep which gave the server password we used four years ago). Also, one of the units is the host for a shared printer, so I'd have to reinstall that as well.

I'll be back to work Monday, and unless someone covers the circ desk for me these computers will have to wait until nighttime for me to fix them.  I'm tempted to stop updates for a bit, and may actually do so when I'm out on vacation from December 17th until January 3rd.

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Last year I posted that I was waiting for my son's return from harm's way on Remembrance Day. He's home in the US now, out of the Service, and attending college. He's one of the lucky. This year I'm just waiting for all our troops to return safely from wherever they are stationed. May their gods watch over them.

Pup Pup is as spooky as ever as the chill breeze ruffles and shifts the flag hanging off the porch in the grey morning gloom. Hopefully the day will clear and my town's parade will have a large turnout.



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We have two movies available to watch tonight: One is How To Train Your Dragon, the other is the Rankin Bass classic The Mouse on the Mayflower. I think mousie is going to win. I hope I can stay awake through it; I fell asleep watching Salem's Lot last week.

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