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"Look at me *narf*.... I'm a cee-ment deer!"

Animaniacs has returned to TV, on HUB of all places: this is from "Jockey for Position," the episode where Pinky falls in love with Pharfignewton <3

It took me forever to find the episode on YouTube, but my search was all wrong- I was looking for Pinky and the Brain instead of concentrating on Animaniacs. One site listed this as Season 1, episode 117, but the episode turned up as  #27.

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Franz Marc has got to be one of my favorite furry artists, and I was delighted to find out tonight that he's the subject of a new book by Eric Carle. The book is due out October 4th, and I'll have my copy from Amazon  the same day :o) (bunny hugs to[ profile] lapinetimes, xposted from DW)

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I was looking at Disney Animation for songs and information on the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie (2011) and stumbled across the trailer for another movie opening in a week or so: Tangled. I'd watch this one on DVD at least once, if for nothing more than to watch the character Maximus. Click his pic to see another horse trailer...

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