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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 last night and it was lots of fun: Great action, great jokes, but a could-be-a-bit-better story line. Rocket was my favorite character, of course, with Baby Groot coming in a close second.

Spoiler scenes beneath the cut- no, not adjustments this time.
gotta love that sense of humor )

Rock Dog

Jun. 28th, 2017 05:54 am
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Got Rock Dog through the Library yesterday: I vaguely remember this movie mentioned who-knows-where but had forgotten it until seeing another patron received one via ILL. Regardless of the usual critical, whiny reviews, this was a fun little flick! You can get the background from the iMDb link though it will contain spoilers. I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about  beforehand other than it had a furry cast. Bodi (the rock dog) was fantastic on so many levels, and I would have liked to have seen them develop Dharma's (vixen) character.

I recognized only one critter's voice from the movie, that of Fleetwood Yak, and waited until I finished with it before checking it out (be sure to watch the 'behind the mic' special feature).

Have a most misleading trailer! It contains the signature song of the movie (crank it up!) and the usual composite of disjointed scenes (like all music videos).

And apparently this is loosely, very loosely, based on a book. Did I say loosely? I only say that because of the book review's synopsis. Neither the Library, nor Amazon, have this item.
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This past weekend I watched In the Heat of the Night, 1967, for maybe the fifth time over the years. There's something that catches me with this flick. There's not an actor I don't like, not a scene that doesn't work, and not a line out of place. I don't know, call me nostalgic, this movie is just a good watch for me.
some spoilers )

This movie is currently available (unitl May 4) on if you subscribe to a provider that includes the TCM channel in its line up.

Saw Sing

Apr. 8th, 2017 03:54 pm
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I have to admit this one took me by surprise! I figured it was a quick knock-off/ride-the-coatails of Zootopia's animal city characters' trials and tribulations but Sing was so very unique instead. No spoilers. The animation was incredible, the characters well developed, the music and timing superb, and the story was tearful sweet in so many spots (yeah, I did...). I really liked it and recommend giving it a go.

A favorite character-

Eddie- There's some internet scuttlebutt (heh-heh, butt...) about his relationship with Moon, and that in itself lends a bit of intrigue to this.

The IMDb keyword selection for this movie

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This was a fun little movie, and gets my "Most misleading title and trailer of 2016, until I find something more so" award!

Trailer aside, it's still a fun little movie in its own right, and the animation is spectacular. I'll watch it again.

And a totally unrelated pic from google as a laptop/insert test... edit: I wondered where my added picture went overnight and re-added it this morning, removing a mess of gibberish code from where the picture had been. Bizarre. I did a re-edit a little while ago, and damned if DW didn't scramble the code once again! I guess I shouldn't edit these in the future if I want my pics to remain.
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I was looking at Disney Animation for songs and information on the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie (2011) and stumbled across the trailer for another movie opening in a week or so: Tangled. I'd watch this one on DVD at least once, if for nothing more than to watch the character Maximus. Click his pic to see another horse trailer...

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We have two movies available to watch tonight: One is How To Train Your Dragon, the other is the Rankin Bass classic The Mouse on the Mayflower. I think mousie is going to win. I hope I can stay awake through it; I fell asleep watching Salem's Lot last week.

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Last year I reported on The Velveteen Rabbit movie that had me crying for nearly the entire presentation. I noticed it was on television today, so instead of watching Martha Speaks while I had lunch I thought I'd watch the bunny (even though it had already begun). Great choice, I didn't last five minutes and found myself all sniffly once again. I had to change channels.

*sigh* Good release type of flick, though, if one needs an emotional purge.

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Told my youngest about the Itchycoo Park song today, and he laughed about the music and the era it hailed from. Tonight we watched The Men Who Stare At Goats, and, I kid you not, what a shock to hear that same song being played in the movie.

Eight Miles High
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I have to start returning to work at night again to clean the building as school begins tomorrow and I need to be home for my son's bus pick up. So said, I went in tonight and began my old routine.  When vacuuming around the circulation area I discovered a few boxes of items donated for our book sale and proceeded to investigate. I love these little troves and frequently find some pretty nice things.

I wasn't at all disappointed with my discoveries tonight. Most of the books were typical children's series reading books, but the boxes held other little boxes among these. When I opened one of the smaller boxes I was astonished to find three drinking cups, two of which were Pocahontas series cups from Burger King, and one of these was none other than Meeko! I had mentioned in  another post that I wanted a Meeko, and though I meant plush, this is such a sweet little find for me.

He has a scratch across his right eye, but otherwise he's in pretty good shape. I haven't really looked at the other cup (it's there for illustration). And the book? Serendipity was there among the offerings as well, and made this whole event, well, serendipitous as well as synchronous.
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No no, not that... it's a trailer for a movie that just showed on the tv and will be released next month (around here). Check your local listings :o)

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Watched Disney's Pocahontas tonight. I hadn't seen this in ages, so it was quite a treat. I love the rendering of the backgrounds and the animals, especially cute little Meeko! I even noticed the bunnies this time, on the stump by Grandma Willow.

I missed my chance to buy a Meeko plush back in the 90's, when Toys R Us had zillions of them.

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I watched Once Upon A Forest last night; I don't think I've seen this movie in about ten years. This is where I picked up  'furlings' as a term for my children.

Abigail is drawn with many of the characteristics found in much of the mainstream furry art even to this day. I see this in her eyes and her facial lines mostly.

I still cry over Michelle's condition and her losses.

trivial note: IMDb used to be such a great resource, but now it's so annoying. I had to turn off javascript because the site was so invasive and buggy with all its animated ads. Even was running the same stupid ads and crashing Firefox.

...again, I expect much more out of my free services!

note 2: We watched a host of vhs this week including Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, and Oliver and Company. I managed to stay awake for most of them.

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I watched Alice in Wonderland last night, the Tim Burton one. I found his take interesting, and the film was filled with all his usual eerie and disturbing landscapes. Forget the book and enjoy his story.

I did like the rabbits, and after an agonizingly long process I finally captured one-

  My type of guy! (no tea-pot dome jokes, please)

This is a repeat from a response to another entry:  After failing at every attempt to use WMP capture commands, HandBrake, and other software fixes, I remembered a program recommended by [info]avon_deer  :VLC. It did everything I wanted, and if ever I read its instructions it will probably do more... :o)

Final note- One of the Library book clubs chose Alice in Wonderland as a monthly selection because of the popularity of the movie. One of the participants told me that no one in the group finished the book because they all found it too hard to read.

edit: re-posted, if you think you're seeing double
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Watched MST3K The Brain That Wouldn't Die episode tonight. Very mature-  choked on my popcorn and sprayed juice out my nose.

I have the Pod People (vhs) on order.

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