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Yep, that's my wonderful day summed up: I used my new (well, factory refurbished)  electric chainsaw to take out four of our eight mammothly overgrown foundation planted yews today. I have to say that the saw performed admirably, and that along with a set of clippers I was able to reduce these monsters to stumps in just a couple of hours. That time includes dragging their lifeless limbs to the side of my driveway and over a small embankment, as well as doing battle with an overgrown wild rose bush.

On a fun note I found a Pepsi® can under the bushes with an expiration date of October 1997, as well as a mess of other items that had been carried off by rodents raiding the recycle bins for years.

On a bad note I discovered that the previously hidden corner of my home has rotted from a bad downspout and will need some major work replacing sheathing, studding, some sills, and shingles.

Tomorrow I'll tackle the other four bushes, providing my back hasn't spasmed or anything else started complaining. Then comes the clean up, the raking and tidying the area the bushes have been hiding for 20 some odd years.

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This year I've been seeing a lot of the plant pictured below- according to this website it's called Wineberry, and it's yet another invasive species introduced with good intentions...  It's a strange looking plant but the berries are supposed to be quite tasty; sadly, it's overtaking the local berry habitats.

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