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"...but please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat briar-patch!"

I was out back yesterday with The Huntress when I realized she was quite interested in a patch of briars near the fence. She's sniffed around in here before, or near here as it is all thorns and vines, but she was truly on the scent of something today. She did her little 'pointer' thing when not just playing snuffing-beagle, and I finally saw what she didn't: a baby bunny among the foliage. Wish I had the camera with me, but alas. I coaxed her away and she reluctantly moved on to another thicket where the rabbits have been known to hide.

Pictures, all safe )

I knew there had been wee ones among the ground cover because it has been harder and harder to get the dog to come away from these hidey places. I even saw the poison ivy and low strawberry plants moving in line as one critter ran off from the pup (she missed that, too). I just hope these fellows get the hell out of the yard or at least into secure places before they become play toys!

deer snaps

Jul. 8th, 2017 07:04 am
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Where rabbits roam

the deer also call home!

The rabbit pic was from last night. Another rabbit appeared with her at dusk: full moon, eh?

The deer was a lucky capture. The dog was growling softly and I looked outside to see two bucks in the yard. I sat on the couch with The Huntress and soothed her while the bucks grazed their way across the front yard, and she never set up barking at them. About 20 minutes later the two came back into the yard and I was able to grab the camera: I was ticked that the pics looked blurry in the viewfinder and realized after the deer left that I had my 'distance' glasses on instead of my progressive lens ones. I was lucky the shots came out at all! A couple more are here on my google photos, including this one:

Damn you, auto-focus! :D
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My friend returned early out front today, and much to The Huntress' indignation, several times. She's an Eastern Cottontail judging by the characteristic white forehead dot.

When one lets the lawn go all manner of pests appear ;o)

A couple of more pics can be found in my google photos, here. These were taken with the Fujifilm bridge camera and not the phone, so they are a bit bigger and nicer. I'm very happy with the colors, too. The last time I used the camera from within the house to shoot photos outdoors the greens shifted to an insipid yellowy hue.

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I'm in the dog yard with The Huntress this morning, and by golly there is the side-yard rabbit in her favorite corner munching wild rose stems and hips like every other day. She stops when I spot her and just stands still waiting for the dog to start the chase. Bunny does her circle around the trees and bushes and easily outdistances the pup, running past me and out through the fence. Fantastic! I was so worried she was the one on the menu previously.

A couple of hours later I realize there is the driveway rabbit by the truck again, lazily eating apples I had tossed there, and totally ignoring the pup and myself in his dining.

Note: I do not believe this is same as the side-yard rabbit because he usually stays by the driveway near the truck (hence I sometimes call him driveway bunny) while the other is always on the other side of the dog yard near my shed and the woods there.

Regardless, he is alive as well! I don't know where the fox found the other bunny but there have been three here on occasion at mating times.

Another note: I call them by their respective pronouns because of where I usually find the kittens nesting.

So happy! I even got some pictures of a very cooperative driveway bunny.

Driveway bunny? I haven't heard that name in years...

A couple of more pics here on my google site:
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The wayward fox has taken one of the rabbits. I saw this, the silhouetted form of the fox emerging from behind some trees with something rabbit-looking hanging from its mouth. Moments earlier we were watching the fox cross among the shrubs and shadows, and it stopped to rummage in some bushes... I went out to the area later on and there were definite signs of a struggle in the snow. So it goes.

original sketch/blog here )

I do not want to appear callous, I just have to remind myself that this is the way of the world. There had been a rabbit in the fenced part of the yard earlier in the morning and the dog didn't see it right away. I watched it for a bit, standing stock still as The Huntress sniffed about, and then the chase was on. I wonder if this was the same little bunny :o(

*sigh* I even made some bad jokes later, that either the fox would appear dragging a deer next, or vice versa. And then came a trio of hawks, gliding above, and while thinking "Ride of the Valkyries" I imagined them hauling off one of the deer as well.
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I almost ran down a rabbit today on my way into work. I had been thinking about rabbit prints in the snow, seen in a dream last night, and deer beyond the fence, also seen in dreams, and Poof! A rabbit races across the road so close to me that if I hadn't braked hard he'd have been caught under my back wheels.

I've had a lot of dark dreams of late: seeing this lovely bunny (he was magnificent, a perfectly profiled fellow running across the road) was a "get your mind off such things" moment.
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My first plush received as an adult came from a girlfriend, and was given as a travel companion for a trip I had been planning for a couple of months.  In November, 1981, I was getting ready to go cross-country to see the USA and to visit a friend in California. I had sold my Camaro and bought an E-150 cargo van and had converted it for travel. Short story is that a motorcycle accident ended my plans. I kept the van anyway, and my furry little panda buddy.

About four months later I ended up living with said girlfriend and her dog. We had good times together, and I remember buying her plush critters as gifts on more than one occasion. One day she offered me coffee in a mug adorned with bunnies. It was cute, and I paid only partial attention to the design. On closer inspection, though, I realized what the rabbits were doing (picture below the cut)

The following year I bought a home using money collected from the bike mishap as my down payment (the house was around 32K). My girlfriend moved in with me and we picked up another dog to keep her first one company. It was a nice time, and though I wouldn't call her a furry, she had given me that panda and kept coffee mugs with erotic rabbit designs...

*sigh*  I should have married that girl...

a bit more, plus a picture )
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Last year I reported on The Velveteen Rabbit movie that had me crying for nearly the entire presentation. I noticed it was on television today, so instead of watching Martha Speaks while I had lunch I thought I'd watch the bunny (even though it had already begun). Great choice, I didn't last five minutes and found myself all sniffly once again. I had to change channels.

*sigh* Good release type of flick, though, if one needs an emotional purge.

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Went to one of our favorite junk shops Sunday and poked around. They have so much nice stuff there, but I didn't really want to bring too much home.  I looked primarily for rabbity things: plates, glassware, china, figures, and jewelery.

I found a bunny that I had seen on my last trip but didn't buy because it was too seasonal and Winter had recently passed by. I walked by him initially but came back in the end and brought him up to purchase.

Isn't he sweet? Worth every bit of the $5 he cost me. He's got some incidental damage, chips in the glaze and some crazing on his tummy, but overall he's in great shape for many holidays to come :o)
More pics, and a surprise! )

Box Of Rain

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This is not a Star Wars reference!

Along with the cups and books I've shown from my find the other night at work was a dog-eared, binding-broken copy of an old elementary school reader. I love these books primarily for their style of illustrations, and have a small handful here that I've picked up over the years.

Long Long Ago, by Marjorie Pratt and Mary Meighen, illustrated by Carol Crithfield, was published by Benj. H. Sanborn and Company and copyrighted 1939. The end plate carries a school stamp from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is numbered '17' and is dated January 2, 1940. That said, pictures follow. The pictures here are linked to larger pictures still.

Pictures under the cut )

All in all that was a great night.

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Bonny bunnies (it says rabbits, they look like hares), stupid ad....

double-click to go to original site.
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A video I found on Michel Gagne's webpages. I love this man's artwork :o)
Check out his other animations here, including his work with Ratatouille.

This was made in 1986, when furry was starting to reawaken in my heart.  If you visit his site, be sure to check out Rex!

(could I possibly add any more links?)

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Almost got rear-ended when I stopped for a rabbit in the road tonight. Poor thing ran across my lane on this narrow  street (25 mph limit) and almost in front of an oncoming vehicle. The other car swerved and slowed while the panicky rabbit skittered into reverse and almost slid under the wheels. Bunny bolted back my direction while I was braking and I lost sight of him under my hood so I came to a complete stop. The guy behind me wasn't too attentive and was going too fast because all I heard then was his tires screeching. The rabbit appeared on my right and zig-zag hopped/ran along the curb next to a great stone wall and then disappeared, legs pumping, under an old gate. All this in under five seconds if I count it out in my mind.

The bunny's god was watching over him for sure, maybe me as well. And for the record, this was a tawny brown bunny, not whitish grey.
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I watched Alice in Wonderland last night, the Tim Burton one. I found his take interesting, and the film was filled with all his usual eerie and disturbing landscapes. Forget the book and enjoy his story.

I did like the rabbits, and after an agonizingly long process I finally captured one-

  My type of guy! (no tea-pot dome jokes, please)

This is a repeat from a response to another entry:  After failing at every attempt to use WMP capture commands, HandBrake, and other software fixes, I remembered a program recommended by [info]avon_deer  :VLC. It did everything I wanted, and if ever I read its instructions it will probably do more... :o)

Final note- One of the Library book clubs chose Alice in Wonderland as a monthly selection because of the popularity of the movie. One of the participants told me that no one in the group finished the book because they all found it too hard to read.

edit: re-posted, if you think you're seeing double
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This book came across the desk at work, yesterday: Tom Rabbit, by Martin Waddell and illustrated by my favorite bear illustrator, Barbara Firth. As I'm a 'Tom,' the title (and picture) leapt out at me.  I didn't see this listed when looking for Firth's bear stories, so it surprised me when it hopped up on the counter. It's another 'lost and found' story of a plush bunny left alone among the wild rabbits. The illustrations are lovely, soft watercolors and graphite.

one more picture under the cut )

pictures shown are from

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Census and the Easter Bunny )
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I posted earlier on [ profile] animal_bears  about a sweet bear book that Alison Edgson illustrated. After reviewing her blog I found this lovely rabbit pic! It has a familiar quality, but I can't quite place it!

Beautifully done! I've tried to sign onto her blog using my openID but it didn't take. She hasn't updated since last fall, though, so maybe it's no longer in use.

Cross-posted to [ profile] lagomorphic 

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I finished reading Frost Dancers, A Story of Hares, by Garry Kilworth, Tuesday night. What a wonderful story, being a tale of hares :o)  Thanks so much to [ profile] avon_deer  , again, for suggesting this book!  Our library system doesn't have a copy so I ordered mine from Amazon. How appropriate that it arrived from the UK as that is the setting for the tale.

The story revolves around a hare named Skelter and his adventures.  Without spoiling the story I can say that the author's intimate knowledge of his locations and characters, the flora, fauna, and even geology of the land, provide the reader with in-depth, colorful images of panoramic landscapes populated with a wide array of wonderful creatures, predators and prey, in imaginative settings, conflicts, and situations... uhmm, well, yes, the book was grand!

possible spoiler )

Not much to go on, I know, but it's the best I can do. The fox is barking out in the woods and the dogs keep racing through the house, wanting to get out to investigate their cousin's calling. It's gotten late and I've got to get up early.

(they may look rather serious, but the boys liked it, too)

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