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One of the most common complaints by new users of the library computers is that their home pcs are 'broken.' This is more frequent than we more savvy users might be aware of.  I say savvy but I could also say 'fortunate' or 'lucky.' It astounds me how many people click bad links and fu@k up their home computers. It amazes me more that there are so f''ing many bad links out here. The malware people have gotten very sophisticated, and it's scary.

I've opened infected email, and luckily I had antivirus software that jumped all over it before anything seeped out. For the most part I can generally spot junk prior to clicking, but there are those mouse over nasties and redirects that sneak in regardless. And then there's that CryptoWare running around the net extorting users to retrieve pictures and files.

I've been backing up my system more frequently and keeping programs patched and updated, but I don't feel as secure as I could. I'm considering buying Faronics Deep Freeze for home (we use it at work, and it is one of the best tools in my kit. And it has that cute bear!).

I spent approximately five hours this week trying to clean up my sister's pc. Spybot, MSE, System Restore, and good old fashioned sleuthing still didn't pull everything out that I would have wanted to eliminate, but it runs faster and cleaner than before. After the first round of cleaning she made the error of clicking a damned java look-alike link and flooded the system with redirect programs and the like. I got to the point of googling every unknown file in the processes and tossing out what files would allow me to dump them. Nasty, invasive stuff.

But I got a nice gift out of it for my helping (aside from some gas money): a Wilton Cake Decorating kit! I also got a bunch of cookies and candies she didn't want as she is on a diet.

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 Well, no, not really... I have a new browser app (AdBlockWeb) that eliminates advertising, but double posts my replies, and probably entries. I try to catch these duplicates and eliminate them, but I found one this morning that 'got away.' 

This browser is strictly for journals/forums: I can imagine my financial woes if I used it for shopping or paying bills! But then, I'd have twice the plush arriving ;o)


Feb. 8th, 2013 10:37 pm
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 The wind is rushing through the trees, sounding like a freight train. We've a foot or more of snow on the ground, and it just keeps falling. The power has blinked several times so I've run the heat up to an unprecedented 68°F so that in case we lose electricity the house may stay somewhat warm until it is restored. Nemo is, as predicted, a massive storm. Locals compare this to the  "Blizzard of 1978:" I prefer to remember our 1968 blizzard instead as it sounded just like this one does!

In 1968 I had a poetry assignment where we had to assemble anthologies of favorite poets' works. Among my choices was Emerson's The Snow-Storm. It's a pretty piece, and it's where I first encountered the word maugre. I never use the word, but I remember Emerson's farmer on those rare occasions I see it in print. I wish I still had that folder I submitted: I drew a nice picture to go with the poem. 

Maybe I can post some snow pics tomorrow, and catch up on reading friends' journals. That will be after we shovel out the anticipated 24" of snow.
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I almost ran down a rabbit today on my way into work. I had been thinking about rabbit prints in the snow, seen in a dream last night, and deer beyond the fence, also seen in dreams, and Poof! A rabbit races across the road so close to me that if I hadn't braked hard he'd have been caught under my back wheels.

I've had a lot of dark dreams of late: seeing this lovely bunny (he was magnificent, a perfectly profiled fellow running across the road) was a "get your mind off such things" moment.

LJ access

Jan. 2nd, 2013 04:11 pm
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 Or not.

I haven't been able to access LiveJournal properly for a few days due to timing out, 'varnish errors,' and general bogging down. This has clinched, or cinched, my decision not to renew my paid account there: I couldn't renew if I wanted to because nothing will load!

I should have pulled up stakes long ago, but that I had more people in my friends list there. I'm going back to trying to maintain both sites, but with more emphasis on DreamWidth. If ever I can get back on LJ I'll try to sort this all out.

Pole Topper

May. 8th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Had a turkey vulture in the yard today, sitting atop our phone pole out front. A family in my State was forced to leave their home due to an infestation of these foul-smelling carrion birds. Needless to say, I made sure I spooked it after taking its photo.

Click the pic to see a full format version. It's watching me!

Yard Fox

May. 6th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Dogs went wild during my watching the MST3K 'Killer Shrew' episode, and I thought the rabbit had returned out front. It turned out to be the local fox, foraging for the chicken bones I sort of left out in the area the fox is known to forage in...

I ran for the camera, putting the dogs out in the fenced back yard on the way, and managed to get some recognizable images of the critter.

Click the pic to go to the set-

I love having these visitors. I only ever saw one fox when I was growing up here, and that was away in a field across from us when I was about fourteen.

Perfect Day (A must listen to song)

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Yep, that's my wonderful day summed up: I used my new (well, factory refurbished)  electric chainsaw to take out four of our eight mammothly overgrown foundation planted yews today. I have to say that the saw performed admirably, and that along with a set of clippers I was able to reduce these monsters to stumps in just a couple of hours. That time includes dragging their lifeless limbs to the side of my driveway and over a small embankment, as well as doing battle with an overgrown wild rose bush.

On a fun note I found a Pepsi® can under the bushes with an expiration date of October 1997, as well as a mess of other items that had been carried off by rodents raiding the recycle bins for years.

On a bad note I discovered that the previously hidden corner of my home has rotted from a bad downspout and will need some major work replacing sheathing, studding, some sills, and shingles.

Tomorrow I'll tackle the other four bushes, providing my back hasn't spasmed or anything else started complaining. Then comes the clean up, the raking and tidying the area the bushes have been hiding for 20 some odd years.

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It's been a busy week and I've only barely had time to read journals, much less post replies.

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Last year I posted that I was waiting for my son's return from harm's way on Remembrance Day. He's home in the US now, out of the Service, and attending college. He's one of the lucky. This year I'm just waiting for all our troops to return safely from wherever they are stationed. May their gods watch over them.

Pup Pup is as spooky as ever as the chill breeze ruffles and shifts the flag hanging off the porch in the grey morning gloom. Hopefully the day will clear and my town's parade will have a large turnout.



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I don't adjust to time changes very well. I thought I'd do fine with the clock going back, gaining an extra hour and all, but I'm tired and snappish nonetheless. My out-of-synch patterns include my LJ/DW reading-posting-responding. Been a bad few weeks for that, actually. My sleep pattern is off; thankfully I have the plush to make the nights pleasant. I'm hoping this evens out by Saturday.

I'm wondering, too, if the lyme ever went away. My doctor called today but left no message other than he wanted to discuss my blood test results from last week. I wasn't able to reach him afterwards.

Today I cooked a bit just to fill the void in my afternoon after catching a nap after work (I get out at 1:00 pm). I made brownies, then I put together a quiche and baked a loaf of cornbread for dinner. Part of this cooking was to warm the house.  It's been overcast and drizzly most of the day and the house never got over 61° F (16° C).

Tomorrow is a day off from work, being Armistice day and all. This one is better than the last five as my son is no longer in the Service (not active duty, at least). My heart goes out to all the veterans, and the current participants, and my thanks for their commitments and attention to duty can hardly be enough compared to what they, perhaps you, deserve.

And now I'm going offline for the evening. I'm taking my cranky self upstairs from this cold basement and will probably watch a show and fall asleep in front of the tube... heh, reminds me of that Elton John song Roy Rogers...

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or beep- beep beep beep- beep beep

A lesson in what not to do when wearing the wrong glasses. I grabbed a 512 MB DDR chip from my GX260 and put it alongside a 256 chip in my GX270. Seemed reasonable at the time, considering...  The last time I had a pc beep this much was at work where the unit in question was from storage and things had loosened up on the motherboard from rough treatment. At least the beeping pattern alerts you that not only is something awry, but because it is a pattern it is telling what is wrong*.

End result is that everything is back as it was and running normally now. It's running a little better even, as I went in and changed some System settings instead. Next time I'll do some research on what I'm installing, and read what is actually printed  on what I am installing, and not make stupid assumptions.

*Someone told me years ago that it was possible to get a diagnostic code from clicking your ignition on and off in your car a certain number of times and writing down the alternator light flash pattern. This peaked my interest enough to borrow a repair manual and try this on my 1988 Plymouth. Very cool. At least the pc doesn't need you to prompt it for the diagnostic.
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The deed is done. As of last night we own a magenta Ford Fiesta. I felt a bit bad not telling them that our trade-in wagon had no heat, leaked radiator fluid, shimmied, smelled of burnt rubber on short trips, and had a few other minor, irritating thngs wrong, but they appraised it and only gave us a small amount anyway (more than we could have gotten if we tried to sell it outright).

So hoorah! Only time will tell if this was a good deal. For now my wife can enjoy a nicer commute.

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Sorry if my posting and my comments have been off this week, I've been busy making bad decisions, one of which concerning the purchasing of a new vehicle.  I think I finally got this one out of my system (that mileage is accurate, by the way), but then I had to run the gauntlet of other attractive entries calling for my attention. Like this baby, which probably reflects my age pretty nicely (you know, the older they are the bigger the car). There's a practical little gem, eh? Just what my ten mile round trip ride to and from work demands... *sigh* I still want it, though, even if the dashboard has that outrageous logo across it.

The problem is that Ford's cash cow, our 2002 wagon, has 135k miles on it and suddenly everything is beginning to go bad. We need two cars, and my wife has the longest commute (70 miles per day), so either I swap cars with her (my 2006 is doing ok at 65k miles) and trade her's for something impractical for me, or we outright trade the wagon for a different car for her. Friday is the day we'll look together (which will keep me out of the truck, Mercury, and Lincoln range) and undoubtedly we'll end up with another Taurus or maybe a Focus.
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Seems we're weeding out our video cassettes at work. I'm not sure of the criteria involved, but Children's alone must have gotten rid of forty to fifty the other night. One of my jobs is 'building maintenance,' aka janitor, so that when I'm not IT'ing or working Circulation I'm cleaning or repairing the place. I got to toss these videos out, and that nearly broke my heart...

When the kids were young we'd sit and watch The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh together on Saturday mornings, on ABC. The show went from being paired with The Adventures of the Gummi Bears to being shown in its own one hour slot and finally settling into an hour and a half. I think the first one we watched was the one where Tigger loses his stripes and goes on this philosophical ramble about whether he's still a Tigger or not. That was followed by the episode where irresponsible and scatter-brained Pooh loses Christopher Robin's balloon. After that they all blend, but I can recall each one by its title or plot, and loved them all dearly as my then pre-schoolers sat in my lap or sprawled on the floor building Duplo farms and castles while they played on.

*sigh* There must have been ten or fifteen of these Pooh tapes among the weeds, and reading the boxes as I poured them into the waste bin was a mind bender. There was even a Winnie the Pooh Halloween tape there. I started pulling them out and piling them up as a rescue mission, but it was overwhelming between these and other titles calling out to me.

I threw them all away in the end as I just don't have room for more dying media, no matter how much these once meant.

The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh theme song

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A local favorite, I thought I'd make clam cakes today. In the past I tried using recipes found online, but today I found the 'local' mix at the local market, and what a difference that made in preparation, cooking, and outcome. My only changes to the box recipe were that I added some black pepper, and where they asked for 8 oz. of clams, I could only locate 6.5 oz. cans and so I used both cans and reduced the water accordingly.

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I returned from work Tuesday night around 9:30 and was impressed with the beauty of the night. The clouds were broken up into a puffy little menagerie and the stars twinkled brightly among them in a jet black sky. A light breeze caused branches and leaves to rustle and sway, and all around was a chorus of night insects chirring and whirring incessantly.

I actually wanted to cry with joy. At that moment an old song I knew and loved crept into my mind, and now it doesn't want to go. All because of the song's damn refrain.

Ah well, could be worse?

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We're betwixt and between a Hurricane Warning and a Tropical Storm Warning. Food's shopped and cars are fueled. Loose stuff in the yard has been secured. Water will be drawn and stored as needed.

Schools are already calling in early dismissals for Friday. Naturally, being an important asset to the community, I'll be working at my post from 8-5 tomorrow, or until the roads are impassable and they decide then to let us leave.

Bored? I think I'll spend some time staring at buoy data in the storm path, something that fascinated me after watching The Day After Tomorrow. I've never made real sense of it other than to see how large the waves are in the area of the buoy. :o)

The net is really slow at the moment and this song/video may be a bit jumpy.
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Looking around my basement I'm embarrassed to see the piles of stuff I've collected over the years. These aren't collectibles, per se, but piles of things once dear or those that caught my eye at one time or another and therefore earned the right To Remain.  I try to weed out the mess a couple of times a year, but each attempt only clears the way for more stuff To Remain.

My parents' house is the same, naturally. Their treasures are my treasures, too, as most of what they've kept is near to my heart or still fresh in my mind. My dad has the most wonderful things from his dad, a manual arts teacher and another collector from another generation, and even from great-grandad Emerson, the wheelwright  (picture the clutter in a blacksmith shop, and therein resides some of these heirlooms).

One such item I came across next door is pictured here, the label from a box of photographic plates. It's common enough to have an old box of whatever from whenever laying about in some dusty corner or attic room, but this box (one of three) was in a prominent corner of my dad's workshop. The plates have no real value and are, I imagine, quite fogged by now, 92 years on.

(click picture to see full label)

What I find unique is my grandfather's writing across the label, the little note of when the box was opened and how many plates remained. This may be why my dad kept this relic from his home, a box labeled 11 months before his own birth. Why my grandfather had the box makes me wonder, though: this undoubtedly came from cleaning out his house in New Jersey in 1968, 50 years after the note was scribbled. Maybe they resided in that dusty corner or attic room that was in his home.

Someday I'll photograph the Model T steering wheel that hangs quietly inside of my dad's garage, or maybe the crockery from Gloucester that is home to the mice in the dilapidated shed. What tales these silent objects tell if one can just take a moment to listen. Other treasures are there, but they'll have to wait for another posting.

edited to add song and link
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I took a ride to Sals today so my son could look for 'stuff.' I love shopping here because I can usually find something fun for myself.

He went off to the computer junk and I started going through an old playpen of plush; These cast-aways were small to medium, and mostly generic in representation. I had to tell myself that they would be bought, eventually, and walked away without buying any. I even passed up on a Bedtime Bear because the one there was about 8" and in borderline condition.

From the plush I migrated over to the figurines. This is where I bought my ceramic bunny lamp and my little Otagiri Bunny Jar. No rabbits today but I did come across a wonderful partial set of Disney dalmatians. It's only Perdita and four of the pups, but I couldn't resist buying them. 

Here's another pic where I used the flash.

The figurines are ceramic and Perdita, standing at a little more than 4", is labeled Disney© Japan. The pups, each about 2" long, have a maker's mark "SG" hand cut on their bases. Only the fat little guy on his back, probably Rolly, has any damage (a small chip on his paw). All in all they cost me $2.66, with tax, so I think this was a reasonable purchase :o)

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