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Found this little bear figure at Sal's today. Walked around him several times before deciding he needed a home with me :o)

Side view under the cut )

Yesterday it was the rabbit hunt! And so ends the holiday weekend.

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I took a ride to Sals today so my son could look for 'stuff.' I love shopping here because I can usually find something fun for myself.

He went off to the computer junk and I started going through an old playpen of plush; These cast-aways were small to medium, and mostly generic in representation. I had to tell myself that they would be bought, eventually, and walked away without buying any. I even passed up on a Bedtime Bear because the one there was about 8" and in borderline condition.

From the plush I migrated over to the figurines. This is where I bought my ceramic bunny lamp and my little Otagiri Bunny Jar. No rabbits today but I did come across a wonderful partial set of Disney dalmatians. It's only Perdita and four of the pups, but I couldn't resist buying them. 

Here's another pic where I used the flash.

The figurines are ceramic and Perdita, standing at a little more than 4", is labeled Disney© Japan. The pups, each about 2" long, have a maker's mark "SG" hand cut on their bases. Only the fat little guy on his back, probably Rolly, has any damage (a small chip on his paw). All in all they cost me $2.66, with tax, so I think this was a reasonable purchase :o)

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