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I love Amazon Prime and purchase lots of stuff online using it, however, Amazon Prime Day is as useless as Black Friday to me when it comes to anything I might be interested in.

Poking around for plush critters I came across this little gem in 'Prime Deals.'

Beyond the ten cent savings, pay special attention to the delivery information ;o)

Tiger Sale

Jun. 4th, 2017 09:19 pm
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Normally $60, Wild Republic's Cuddlekins 30" Tiger is currently $22.30 on Amazon. These won't stay at this price for long (this is the cheapest I've seen them since December when I posted them in my plush journal (and had no responses).

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It's been a busy week and I've only barely had time to read journals, much less post replies.

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The deed is done. As of last night we own a magenta Ford Fiesta. I felt a bit bad not telling them that our trade-in wagon had no heat, leaked radiator fluid, shimmied, smelled of burnt rubber on short trips, and had a few other minor, irritating thngs wrong, but they appraised it and only gave us a small amount anyway (more than we could have gotten if we tried to sell it outright).

So hoorah! Only time will tell if this was a good deal. For now my wife can enjoy a nicer commute.

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A local favorite, I thought I'd make clam cakes today. In the past I tried using recipes found online, but today I found the 'local' mix at the local market, and what a difference that made in preparation, cooking, and outcome. My only changes to the box recipe were that I added some black pepper, and where they asked for 8 oz. of clams, I could only locate 6.5 oz. cans and so I used both cans and reduced the water accordingly.

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Found this little bear figure at Sal's today. Walked around him several times before deciding he needed a home with me :o)

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Yesterday it was the rabbit hunt! And so ends the holiday weekend.

Great Spirits
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Went to one of our favorite junk shops Sunday and poked around. They have so much nice stuff there, but I didn't really want to bring too much home.  I looked primarily for rabbity things: plates, glassware, china, figures, and jewelery.

I found a bunny that I had seen on my last trip but didn't buy because it was too seasonal and Winter had recently passed by. I walked by him initially but came back in the end and brought him up to purchase.

Isn't he sweet? Worth every bit of the $5 he cost me. He's got some incidental damage, chips in the glaze and some crazing on his tummy, but overall he's in great shape for many holidays to come :o)
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Box Of Rain

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I took a ride to Sals today so my son could look for 'stuff.' I love shopping here because I can usually find something fun for myself.

He went off to the computer junk and I started going through an old playpen of plush; These cast-aways were small to medium, and mostly generic in representation. I had to tell myself that they would be bought, eventually, and walked away without buying any. I even passed up on a Bedtime Bear because the one there was about 8" and in borderline condition.

From the plush I migrated over to the figurines. This is where I bought my ceramic bunny lamp and my little Otagiri Bunny Jar. No rabbits today but I did come across a wonderful partial set of Disney dalmatians. It's only Perdita and four of the pups, but I couldn't resist buying them. 

Here's another pic where I used the flash.

The figurines are ceramic and Perdita, standing at a little more than 4", is labeled Disney© Japan. The pups, each about 2" long, have a maker's mark "SG" hand cut on their bases. Only the fat little guy on his back, probably Rolly, has any damage (a small chip on his paw). All in all they cost me $2.66, with tax, so I think this was a reasonable purchase :o)

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