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I've used almost 14% of my allotted 500 MB of photos on Dreamwidth... since February! It's taken me 7+ years to use only 53% of whatever the quota is on LJ.

Just because I feel I must post the like of these :D

So true! Especially in terrible weather.

This could have been done with a guy just as easily. Poor pup!
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or beep- beep beep beep- beep beep

A lesson in what not to do when wearing the wrong glasses. I grabbed a 512 MB DDR chip from my GX260 and put it alongside a 256 chip in my GX270. Seemed reasonable at the time, considering...  The last time I had a pc beep this much was at work where the unit in question was from storage and things had loosened up on the motherboard from rough treatment. At least the beeping pattern alerts you that not only is something awry, but because it is a pattern it is telling what is wrong*.

End result is that everything is back as it was and running normally now. It's running a little better even, as I went in and changed some System settings instead. Next time I'll do some research on what I'm installing, and read what is actually printed  on what I am installing, and not make stupid assumptions.

*Someone told me years ago that it was possible to get a diagnostic code from clicking your ignition on and off in your car a certain number of times and writing down the alternator light flash pattern. This peaked my interest enough to borrow a repair manual and try this on my 1988 Plymouth. Very cool. At least the pc doesn't need you to prompt it for the diagnostic.
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I returned from work Tuesday night around 9:30 and was impressed with the beauty of the night. The clouds were broken up into a puffy little menagerie and the stars twinkled brightly among them in a jet black sky. A light breeze caused branches and leaves to rustle and sway, and all around was a chorus of night insects chirring and whirring incessantly.

I actually wanted to cry with joy. At that moment an old song I knew and loved crept into my mind, and now it doesn't want to go. All because of the song's damn refrain.

Ah well, could be worse?

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I know I've worked too many hours on the computers at the library this week when I suddenly realize that the reason I can't log on to my account here is because I'm automatically entering our server password...
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Well, something like that...

I don't 'once-over' people I see or meet. I'm satisfied in my relationship and though my furry and plushie thoughts may seem contradictory I don't find conflict between them and my real-life situation. That said, I have to admit I was staring at a young lady's legs today at the bank, and if I had my cell phone with me I would have gladly  approached her and asked to photograph them...

Yeah, you'd think she'd call the police. Actually, maybe so. But it wasn't for prurient purpose or deviant desire... it was because her calves were tattooed with Disney characters, the most striking being a bright orangey-yellow Winnie the Pooh! And there was a scene from Bambi with the young Prince himself along with Flower and I'll assume Thumper (er, I'd have had to have crawled around the floor like a Groucho routine to see the rest).  These were on her right leg; I couldn't make out what was on the other leg (again without crawling around...) but it was similarly adorned with festive little vignettes.

hehe, I feel I missed a great opportunity there, or maybe I was guided away from it on purpose :o)
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Watched MST3K The Brain That Wouldn't Die episode tonight. Very mature-  choked on my popcorn and sprayed juice out my nose.

I have the Pod People (vhs) on order.
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I was looking for Thumper pics when this one showed up.

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