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Told my youngest about the Itchycoo Park song today, and he laughed about the music and the era it hailed from. Tonight we watched The Men Who Stare At Goats, and, I kid you not, what a shock to hear that same song being played in the movie.

Eight Miles High
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Went to one of our favorite junk shops Sunday and poked around. They have so much nice stuff there, but I didn't really want to bring too much home.  I looked primarily for rabbity things: plates, glassware, china, figures, and jewelery.

I found a bunny that I had seen on my last trip but didn't buy because it was too seasonal and Winter had recently passed by. I walked by him initially but came back in the end and brought him up to purchase.

Isn't he sweet? Worth every bit of the $5 he cost me. He's got some incidental damage, chips in the glaze and some crazing on his tummy, but overall he's in great shape for many holidays to come :o)
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Box Of Rain

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This is not a Star Wars reference!

Along with the cups and books I've shown from my find the other night at work was a dog-eared, binding-broken copy of an old elementary school reader. I love these books primarily for their style of illustrations, and have a small handful here that I've picked up over the years.

Long Long Ago, by Marjorie Pratt and Mary Meighen, illustrated by Carol Crithfield, was published by Benj. H. Sanborn and Company and copyrighted 1939. The end plate carries a school stamp from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is numbered '17' and is dated January 2, 1940. That said, pictures follow. The pictures here are linked to larger pictures still.

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All in all that was a great night.

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I have to start returning to work at night again to clean the building as school begins tomorrow and I need to be home for my son's bus pick up. So said, I went in tonight and began my old routine.  When vacuuming around the circulation area I discovered a few boxes of items donated for our book sale and proceeded to investigate. I love these little troves and frequently find some pretty nice things.

I wasn't at all disappointed with my discoveries tonight. Most of the books were typical children's series reading books, but the boxes held other little boxes among these. When I opened one of the smaller boxes I was astonished to find three drinking cups, two of which were Pocahontas series cups from Burger King, and one of these was none other than Meeko! I had mentioned in  another post that I wanted a Meeko, and though I meant plush, this is such a sweet little find for me.

He has a scratch across his right eye, but otherwise he's in pretty good shape. I haven't really looked at the other cup (it's there for illustration). And the book? Serendipity was there among the offerings as well, and made this whole event, well, serendipitous as well as synchronous.
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Visited my mom at the hospital this afternoon. Decided to stop at their gift shop for another plush instead of exposing her to dust bunny, Ears. As we passed the shop windows on our way to the doors, who was watching me?

Yeah, mom loves deer, and she was quite affected to receive this little guy. I won't belabor the synchronous aspects of this.

She's doing fairly well and had a bit of fight in her as she pronounced that she told them  "I'm going home, Tomorrow." I don't think so, but it will depend on her oxygen counts more than anything. I was happy to find her looking well (looking well for her condition, I guess).

Saw the dogs after that, making sure my brother had fed them. Watched the chippies out by the bird feeders; buttoned up the house and left a light on for the pups. Might check on them again this evening.

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My mom's health has been declining since Spring. Today she was hospitalized with bronchitis and a low blood oxygen count. The combination was causing dizziness and confusion bordering dementia. Her only thought was for her dogs, left alone in the house and unfed.

I noted in a post last September that I feel protected in times of need. As I walked over to my mom's tonight to feed the pups I realized that there was a deer in the woods watching me, over me perhaps. She stood quietly, ready to bolt but not in a hurry to run off. I even had time to pause and take a cell pic-
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A while back I read a post by [ profile] henriekeg  praising Preston Blair, and subsequently I bought two Blair books on drawing and animation (and swear I'll go through them thoroughly some day!). Tuesday night my youngest son asked if I had any books on drawing human figures and I remembered these guides. They weren't what he wanted, but one sequence of a woman dancing stood out in my mind from both; One simply called it 'girl dancing,' the other called it 'strut.'

Where is this leading? Wednesday I happened to catch an MGM cartoon titled Swing Shift Cinderella, and within that short was the aforementioned sequence! Synchronicity?

The whole cartoon is here.
The cartoon starting with the 'Blair' dance number is below:

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