1040X time

May. 14th, 2017 09:18 pm
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Seems I screwed up my taxes, and my youngest's, by claiming him as a dependent when I should not have. I will have to pay more but he'll get a little back from this. PitA! I have two 1040X submittals and two RI1040X's on top of these.

Damn tax program let me down by not querying me on his student status: I think it should have done so based on age/income variables. I caught this before the IRS, but I only checked because the State flagged my forms: the State did not notify me, they put a cryptic note on their "Where's my refund?" web check page... I hate these people.

So, one 1040X ready for final entries and then I'll figure out how soon to mail each follow-on! Instructions are clear as mud. And no efile allowed- must paper mail with check in my instance.



Feb. 19th, 2017 07:47 pm
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Done! I've been waiting for my program I use to maybe drop in price, and it did on Saturday. I almost bought it for $29 Friday night, but it dropped down to $20 the next day :o)

And heavens, do we owe Federal tax! I knew last March that we'd have a bigger burden this year but failed to take action and have more money deducted each week. The good side is that I didn't line the government pockets with extra dollars of mine all year, and the penalty for underestimating was only $18. I definitely have to change my W4 withholding amounts this year!

At least the State is giving a refund. On the other paw, I may not buy my yearly plush reward now.

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