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I bought a new scanner this week because I wanted to digitize my forgotten media: 35mm slides. Most of mine go back to the mid-70s, but I have access to many that are older still.

You've been warned!

Two for fun- vehicles belonging to my brothers, at the time parked up the hill by the woods near our barn.

A 1935(?) Ford three window coupe, and a 1940 four-door, taken in 1978.

A 1937 Chevy pickup, photo from May, 1975.

These were eventually sold off. I still have a chrome headlight ring and the headlight lenses from the Chevy.
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Among some papers I came across yesterday when rummaging about here were the original bill of sale for my old truck, and even the card of the salesman who sold it to my mom.

pics, safe )

A quick look online using the VIN gave me insight to the truck's origin. This site decoded the numbers sufficiently enough to tell me where my old friend started his life: the Mahwah Ford Assembly Plant in New Jersey. The plant closed just six years after my truck was created, but there are of course photos here and there online of it. *sigh* What's happened to this country? This page wasn't too bad for imagery.

And Birthers be damned! ;o)

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