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Someone erased my drawing yesterday from the whiteboard (understandable) so of course I had to redo it today :D Pictures are here, three of the new one, the last being the final product. The first pic looked just fine, except every time I went by it I thought about how his right antler looked. *tweak tweak* Then it and other things needed more alterations *tweak tweak* Finally I decided enough was too much and walked away (begrudgingly... you know that stupid song: Know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away?).

I should mention this all started with the 'professionally done' logo looking a lot like a PBS logo for Odd Squad. l showed what I thought was the TV one to the Children's Librarian but I think what I saw was another person's mash up (damn Pinterest). Anyway, Odd Squad uses this logo

Official PBS drawing/logo

and our Librarian wasn't familiar with the show. *sigh* it's been a week of jackalopes, but I don't think I'll re-draw tomorrow.

And this isn't what I do at work all morning, either ;o) I've been doing backups of and updates on various computers this week to assure we can survive a hack-attack like WannaCrypt. Microsoft has some info here, and I used it to update our remaining XP machine. Our Vista wouldn't update but I have copies copies copies of it around.

Now it's off to watch Them! on TCM :D

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With the theme being mystical/mythical creatures, it looks like our Summer Reading mascot will be a jackalope this year! Actually, the State advocated for "Build a Better World" but we wanted this to be a fun program and went our own way.Perhaps "Make the World Great Again!" was seen lurking in that program ;o)

I had to scribble this on the whiteboard this morning after seeing the professionally done critter.

I'm trying to talk the Children's Librarian into buying this plush for her desk as well

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I went in to work today, Thanksgiving Day, to do a couple of personal things and to check on our computers. We get our MS updates Wednesday night, and for the past two Thursdays I've had computer failures following the process. I joked with my kids that we should find at least two dead pc's today as well, and sure enough, we did: another display error and another initialization file error. I first thought these failures were related to bad capacitors, but now I just don't know. I ghosted over the last two without changing out the boxes, and those didn't fail again.

I'd have ghosted over these machines and put them back on the domain except that it is a holiday and I am on vacation until Monday. I'm looking at an hour and a half, easily, to ghost, reset the names, tweak, and re-secure these two. My OPAC ghost has an error which I haven't fixed yet, so that would take extra tweaking (seems I used an answer file in sysprep which gave the server password we used four years ago). Also, one of the units is the host for a shared printer, so I'd have to reinstall that as well.

I'll be back to work Monday, and unless someone covers the circ desk for me these computers will have to wait until nighttime for me to fix them.  I'm tempted to stop updates for a bit, and may actually do so when I'm out on vacation from December 17th until January 3rd.

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We had two computers die at work over the holiday, Thursday. Both were OPAC's (on-line public access catalogues) and both were Dell GX270's running Windows XP. Both of these died suspiciously right after receiving the latest Windows updates, which remains an odd coincidence because my other two OPAC's survived just fine (there is one more similar OPAC that did okay but it's profile has slight differences so I don't include it).

I recently mentioned the Capacitor Plague in one of my posts, and sure enough one of these motherboards looked really nasty*. The hard drive wouldn't initialize completely, even on a different but similar GX270, so whatever happened was enough to zap the files. These are "frozen" drives, meaning that they won't accept changes, except that when updating they are "thawed" and so any glitches during that period will not go away on restart.

The short of it is that I swapped the hard drive with one from a spare computer (one without any bad caps, surprisingly) and then proceeded to ghost it with an image cloned from one of the 'good' OPAC's. The image took, the pc runs fine, so whatever happened didn't compromise the hard drive (not that I can tell with limited testing, at least).

*Pics of that nasty mother(board) can be seen here.

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An interesting footnote to my last post: while replacing the memory boards I noticed that the motherboard has one of those 'leaking capacitors' that have plagued Dell for years. My pc is a cast-off, so I have no specific rights in this, and I guess it's a matter of time before it goes flukey and deep-sixes.  I saw at work last week during an in-the-box maintenance run that our older Dells there all have the same creeping disease. Pity. I like to run machines into the ground, but these are dying prematurely.

(Or watch this here)

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I know I've worked too many hours on the computers at the library this week when I suddenly realize that the reason I can't log on to my account here is because I'm automatically entering our server password...
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I was asked to look at a copier at work that was not feeding paper correctly. My experience with printers and simple copiers like this one is that if the roller pick up isn't damaged then there is a problem in the tray. I suspected a spring had flown out, but it was my classic nemesis: misaligned paper. The backstop in the tray for positioning the paper length was loose due to constant overfilling by an overzealous employee who didn't realize that her cramming in as much paper as the drawer would hold and still close wasn't how the machine was designed: she ignored the height limiter and ended up damaging the adjustment slide.

blah blah blah )

The solution was to place two nickels in the space behind the backstop. One nickel would have done it, but my working with Engineering types has taught me that redundancy is always best in any fix.

Isn't life grand? Maybe I'll glue the nickels in place if they pop out of position...

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A quick post while making a portable drive 'bootable.'

We've got some serious rain in the region. Roads are flooded or washed out, businesses are underwater, basements filled with backed up effluent.... thankfully we just have sopping rugs with maybe half and inch of water in areas here at work. Yep, I'm at work, playing with drives while waiting to re-vacuum up the water and then heading off to home for a more serious posting. So many hats, so little time...

Click the picture to see a yahoo report.

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