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Our local college radio station, FM 95.5 WBRU, went on the block and has been quietly sold, according to WPRI news . WBRU has been around as long as I've been listening to FM, and has been on every pre-set in all my cars/trucks (those with FM radios at least). I've listened to all styles and genres of music there, generally underground or younger-generation based, and they've kept me in touch with the more favorable trends.  Currently they are considered Alt-Rock.

Here is the first song I actually remember hearing on WBRU, back in 1968, on my first FM radio. My oldest brother, a Marine, was fighting in Vietnam at that time.


I really hope this is just a college hoax :o(
So many memories over 50 years!

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I bought a new scanner this week because I wanted to digitize my forgotten media: 35mm slides. Most of mine go back to the mid-70s, but I have access to many that are older still.

You've been warned!

Two for fun- vehicles belonging to my brothers, at the time parked up the hill by the woods near our barn.

A 1935(?) Ford three window coupe, and a 1940 four-door, taken in 1978.

A 1937 Chevy pickup, photo from May, 1975.

These were eventually sold off. I still have a chrome headlight ring and the headlight lenses from the Chevy.

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